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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

To every season, turn turn turn

The Leafs are now entering one of the hockey seasons. The off season. We went through the pre-season and regular season. Missed the post season. Three out of four ain't bad.

So the playoffs are near .  Again this year, no playoff beard for me. Used to be fun in the old days. Couple of months growth and gaining some minutes by not shaving. (makes the wife happy) Sigh. But all is not quiet on the Leafian front. Sam Carrick and Spencer Abbott have signed entry level contracts. Woo hoo.


Former Leaf equipment man Scott McKay suited up for the Leafs in their
Thursday March 29 against the Flyers.
The Leafs signed him to an emergency one day Amateur Tryout Contract -- something that would have let him sit on the bench as a back up goalie or to come into the game if the situation presented itself.
While cooking dinner for his four-year-old twins --Henry and Ella - he received a text telling him Jonas Gustavsson had been hurt in the warm up and that he might want to get his equipment together. When he got there, they had a Maple Leaf sweater that had the #73 and he put on his own gear and waited in the dressing room for the call. Minor league goalie Jussi Rynnas was thrown at the last minute into the starter’s role and Gustavsson stayed on the bench, despite being hurt. If Rynnas was hurt in his first NHL start and Gustavsson couldn’t go, the Leafs would have had to go to McKay
McKay said the “Leafs also treated me great. I really appreciated the opportunity” because pulling on that blue and white sweater is “every Ontario boy’s dream.”
Scott McKay is one of the special, rare few who can say they actually did it while under contract.
I have an hour and twenty minute commute each way to work and back. Thank God that there are two sports radio stations that I can listen to. Why just this morning I got to hear Randy Carlyle's 1/2 hour end of the season press conference. This was followed by Brian Burke's 1/2 hour end of the season press conference. This was after reading in the paper an open letter to Leaf fans from the Leafs owners. From Carlyle, I learned the Leafs lacked confidence. From Burke, the Leafs need a goalie, a centre and some truculence. Hello 2009,2010 and 2011. Then tonight I got to listen to the NHL lottery draft. The Leafs stayed at number five. Burkie had nothing to say to the two dozen reporters there.
I then listened to the rest of the Jays game. Another victory and another parade route being planned. Makes the ride enjoyable as I don't like hearing myself sing.

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  1. Love the positive outlook... as a Sharks fan, I was almost right there with ya. Not sure what's worse... not making the playoffs or getting knocked out of the playoffs for the eighth year in a row. Let's hope they choose option #3... winning the Stanley Cup Finals ;-)