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Sunday, January 26, 2014

It toque me by surprise

I didn't realize what was in this package. Inside the plastic bag, I could feel some soft material. I couldn't remember anything that I had coming in. Only way to figure this out was to rip this sucker open.

General Mills Free Team Canada Toque

General Mills Cereal has a hot deal! You can now redeem your pins for a FREE Team Canada Toque from General Mills! Pins are available on specially marked General Mills cereals.Hurry, just 330,000 toques are available. This General Mills offer is good while supplies last or until Tuesday, December 31, 2013 or whichever comes first. Limit of 5 toques per household. Enjoy :)
Oh yeah.  I had completely forgotten about this offer. Now when my wife does the shopping, she doesn't look on the boxes for coupons or special offers. When we were buying the cereal, she just picked up a box of what we wanted. I exchanged it for the box with the toque offer. she countered with why would I need another toque. Of course, my great comeback was why not. In this case, I want to cheer on Team Canada at the 2014 Olympics.
 Mine didn't look exactly as illustrated.

The Lucky Charms hockey player was pretty cool looking.

Not so the reverse. The Canadian Maple Leaf side left a little something to be desired. But I guess for free, I shouldn't complain.  Don't think I can take a photo of the rest of my toques. I quickly found 12 different and I know there's more stored away.

Tonight on CBC, the program Four Rooms.

This show finds participants trying to sell their valuable objects to one of Canada's leading antique buyers for top dollar. Each person presents an item, makes their case and then meets with a buyer in a room to negotiate the price. This is where intuition and greed come into play. The seller can turn down an offer, but if they leave the room to press their luck with another buyer, there is no going back. Essentially they can hit the jackpot or go home empty-handed.

Tonight a fellow brings in some Bobby Orr sticks and memorabilia. The first episode featured well known Gretzky collector Shawn Chaulk.  Heres the link to the show and segment starts around the 27 minute mark.
four rooms
Gotta go watch the Orr episode now.

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  1. There was a similar show here except if the seller turned down the buyer's offer they then had to go to auction with their item.