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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It ain’t over till it’s over

so said a wise yogi
No, not this guy.

Not this one either.

Yeah,yeah, that’s the ticket.
For my Maple Leafs, it is over for another year.
From the newspapers

Toronto Maple Leafs out of playoff contention with shutout loss to Tampa Bay Lightning: ‘It’s not good enough’

Maple Leafs officially eliminated from the playoffs

Maple Leafs's playoff hopes dead after 3-0 loss to Lightning

For the eighth time in nine seasons, an early visit to the golf course. What started out as a promising journey ended in a similar past fashion . Now the what ifs and what will bes will dominate the papers in the coming days.
For myself, there still is local hockey available. The Allan Cup championships will be taking place in nearby Dundas. My adopted hometown of Brantford have the Blast in the tournament. The Blast have former NHL’er Joel Prpic in their lineup. Dundas boasts former NHL’ers, Jay McKee, Ryan Christie, Matthew Barnaby, Jason Ward, Greg Stewart and Nick Smith. On some of the other teams, there is a smattering of former NHL’ers too. Ryan Bonni, Terry Yake and Terry Ryan. It’s pretty good hockey. I also happened to win a ticket to one of the games through the Allan Cup FB page. There is also gong to be draws for restaurant gift cards, more hockey tickets, signed stick and other goodies.

April 09, 1968

Minnesota's Wayne Connelly became the first player in NHL history to score a penalty shot goal in the playoffs (after two others missed), when he beat Terry Sawchuk during a 7-5 North Stars' win over Los Angeles.
From my collection.
Blue ink signed cards received TTM in the 80’s.

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