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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

This Day in NHL History 1992

May 07

Harold Snepsts was named an assistant coach of the St. Louis Blues.

84/85 OPC #108 Received blue ink sig IP.


Another tidbit from the local papers Flashback column.

25 years ago 1989

An impression shared by most Canadians is that European hockey teams are waiting with open arms for our players, especially those with National Hockey League experience.
That may be the case in some countries, but not in Sweden.
“They think their own players are just as skilled as ours,” says Brantford native Len Hachborn, who has just returned from his first season of professional hockey in Sweden.
And, the 28-year-old centreman adds, that's not far from the truth.
“Skill-wise, the Swedish hockey players are unbelievable,” says Hachborn, whose career includes three seasons in the NHL – two with Philadelphia and one with Los Angeles.

“I think they're a little ahead of us in skills . . . skating and stick-handling. But they don't have the hockey sense that North Americans have and there's hardly any hitting. It's totally different hockey. It's like a chess game.”

84/85 JC Penney Flyers Postcard

Received blue ink sig IP.

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