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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

This Day in NHL History 1997 Aug 6 Switched at birth

August 06
 Deja vu??

The Nashville expansion team (scheduled to begin play in 14 months) named Barry Trotz as their first head coach, and Paul Gardner as his assistant.

I wanted to try and do this so I wouldn't duplicate any autographed cards. Not from an earlier entry or from my birthday project post of a couple of years ago. I had this item scanned ready to use and got my order mixed up.

July 17, 1989

Bob Gainey retired after 16 seasons with Montreal, to become player/coach of the Epinal Squirrels, a Division Two team in France. He left third all time in Canadiens' games played (1,160).

84/85 OPC #261

Obtained blue ink sig IP.

Now,if I would have been smart (yeah, that'll happen), this would have been posted on July 17th in place of the Paul Gardner photo.

So, as the master of my domain, I make the call to enter this switch and keep my streak going. I don't hear anybody opposing, so motion carries. (And hopefully check things out in the future beforehand)

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