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Monday, August 3, 2015

90/91 Score Young Superstars # 8

#8  Glen Wesley

Young--22 years old  

Superstar--an exceptional talent, widely recognized and eagerly sought after for their services

Regular season
GP 1457    G 128  A  409   Pts 537   PIM 1045

GP 169   G  15   A  38    Pts. 53  PIM  141

Named to NHL All Rookie Team in 1998
Played in 1989 All Star Game

Stanley Cup Champ with Carolina Hurricanes 2006

Wesley was drafted third overall in the 1987 NHL Entry Draft.

I hardly remember his 12 game stint with the Leafs (7 regular plus 5 playoff games). I hardly remember his 20 year career. I guess he played a workmanlike game but nothing to shout out Superstar.
My updated rankings 

Young   7/8                     Superstar  3/8

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