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Sunday, January 3, 2016

90/91 Score Young Superstars # 14

# 14 Scott Young

Young--24 years old  

Superstar--an exceptional talent, widely recognized and eagerly sought after for their services

Regular season
GP 1181    G 342   A  414   Pts 756  PIM 448

GP 141   G  44   A  43    Pts. 87  PIM  64

Selected 11th overall in the 1986 NHL Entry Draft by the Hartford Whalers. Also played for Pittsburgh, Quebec, Colorado, Anaheim, St. Louis and Dallas. Was a member of the 1991 Pittsburgh Penguins and the 1996 Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup winning teams. He played in three world juniors, three Olympics, three world championships, the 1996 World Cup of Hockey and twice with the US national team's regular season. He was an All-Star defenceman at BU but spent most of his professional career at right wing. Scott was a reliable performer who had speed, a heavy shot and ability to read plays made for a long NHL career. 

In my opinion, I don't consider him young (except for the surname) or a superstar.

Scores total so far

Young       10/14            Superstar     5/14     

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