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Saturday, August 6, 2011

August 6--Taro Tsujimoto

Taro Tsujimoto
(the untold story)

Selected in 11th round
No. 183 overall by Buffalo Sabres in the 1974 NHL Draft.
He wasn't the first draft choice to fail to make it to the NHL, but he certainly was the first player to not exist at all.(maybe)

Tokyo Katanas


Imlach described Tsujimoto as “a 5’8″, 180 pound playmaker from the Tokyo Katanas.” (#14 beside goalie)

Taro on draft day. He had heard rumblings that he might be drafted. No doubt on who his favourite team was. It had long been his dream to play for Toronto as seen below..

From Christmas 1959, Taro and his first sweater.

From Christmas, 1961, Taro and his first set of equipment.

Heartbroken at being selected by Buffalo, Taro retired and disappeared from the hockey scene. (until now)
His story was little known except in Buffalo and hockey trivia experts. With the release of the Score Rookie and Traded Card, more people now are aware of the draft day story. I have provided the details from after the story.




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