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Monday, May 21, 2012

We’re gonna get hi(gh) hi(gh) hi(gh)

On Friday, the wife and I were going to our friends birthday party. This was in another city. We had to make a stop at the LCBO to pick up some wine. While my wife went to get this, I noticed there was a Dollarama in the mall. I thought they might have some of those surprise boxes that I had bought earlier. There were ten boxes left but it appeared they had been searched. So I looked (box searched)  through a couple and settled on this box. From my previous posts, we all know what the box looks like and also the plastic sleeves. Now for the packs.

90/91 ProSet Series II

As the wrapper indicates, 15 new cards and 1 NHL ProSet discount card.

# 443 Chris Joseph
# 467 Eric Desjardins
# 475 Ryan Walter
# 482 Brad Dalgarno
# 502 Pete Peeters
# 522 Robert Dirk
# 526 Cliff Ronning
# 560 Gord Donnelly

 #567 Buffalo Sabres logo
# 580 Pittsburgh Penguins logo
# 617 Lyle Odelein
# 645 Peter Bondra
# 646 Jim Hrivnak
# 648 Stephane Beauregard
# 694 Bill McCreary
10 cent Discount card

Team colour borders on front with team logo, Pro Set logo, players name, position and number.
Backs have a head shot, 4 years of stats and career totals, brief bio and vital stats.
There was a Stanley Cup hologram numbered out of 5000 but I don't know if it was available in series II. Didn't get one anyway.

The next pack was

90/91 Upper Deck High Series

12 hockey cards per pack. This pack contained 7 low series and 4 high series cards. ( 7 + 4=12)  I remember when these came out, there were packs that had 6 of each, so, of course, those packs sold for more.

# 5 Mark Osborne
# 10 Rick Wamsley
# 25 John Byce
# 205 Art Ross Trophy Winner
# 285 Rick Meagher
# 296 Kelly Kisio

#311 New Jersey Devils Checklist
# 456 Pierre Sevigny
# 476 Wayne Gretzky Campbell Conference All-Star
# 496 Patrick Roy Wales Conference All-Star
# 550 Checklist

Two Gretzkys and a Roy.  Didn't get any of the Young Guns ( Federov or Bure).

Also got this that I guess the box searcher didn't want.

# 10 Rick DiPietro

This jersey card is from Pacific's 2003 Quest for the Cup. These were inserted 1:24 packs when originally released.

So high series, high series and a wine high. I wonder if the searcher got something that they wanted.


  1. that #617 Lyle Odelein 90/91 Pro Set is also his rookie card. His ONLY rookie as no other manufacturer put him in their 90/91 set.

    1. Hard to believe when everyone had pre-rookie cards and like 10 RC's---an anomaly to be sure

  2. Man I loved those officials cards. A young McCreary before he had to take a seeing eye dog on the ice.

    1. And the coaches cards--Chicago's Mike Keenan did not like the way ProSet did business so he did not sign