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Friday, June 1, 2012

Суперсерия СССР — Канада

Henderson has scored for Canada.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Summit Series between Canada and Russia. This series was another one of those moments where you remember where you were and what you were doing at the time. It was a different time in the world. This was likened to a war with differences in ideaologies. In the end, I believe hockey came out the winner.

Lets go back 20 years to look at Future Trends release card  to commemorate this series.

My unopened box of this product.
The cards were available initially only at The Bay stores (Canadian department store) and were sold in 10-card foil packs with no factory sets.

All 70 players on the Canadian and Russian teams are represented, and 30 additional special cards capture unforgettable moments from the series.
The card fronts feature borderless black and white, action or posed pictures. A white, red, and gold stripe cuts across the bottom of the card face and intersects the ’72 Hockey Canada logo at the lower right corner. The backs carry additional photos, biographical information, series statistics, sportswriters’ editorial comments, and player quotes.  The card number appears in a blue oblong design within the bottom red stripe on both sides. The ’72 Hockey Canada logo also appears in the local right corner of the back.

The set was issued in both an English and a French version. The production quantities were reportedly 9,000 English and 1,000 French 12-box cases. 

So let's go down memory lane with a history lesson from THE SERIES.

# 1 In the beginning
Clarence Campbell created Canada and Russia

# 2 The backyard Rink/More months a year
Looks more like my backyard rink when I was a kid

# 3 It didn't take long /7-2
I guess they felt they were ready

# 4 The Patriarch/ Anatoli Tarasov
I have a copy of his book, I believe called Russina Hockey Secrets somewhere

# 5 More hours a day
I suppose you can jump down to get out of the tree

# 6 Coming out party
Coming out--no comment

# 7 Never in Doubt
From watching some of Russia's games before the Series, I thought it might be close
(but I was laughed at)

#8 Team Canada
Team of the Century

More to follow


  1. Glad to see someone do a post on this set. I was thinking about it, but I am glad to see you beat me to it. I look forward to seeing more write-ups!

  2. Thanks for reading--I think this series was the acme of hockey--I'll be showing a few other goodies also