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Friday, June 8, 2012

Not (Puck) Junk

Like the other entrants in Sal's contest, I received my consolation prize this week.

Since Sal also asked for your favourite team, I received something Leafian.

This team insert card from 78/79 Topps hockey. I knew I had some of these so I had to find them.

Now you might wonder why I scanned the blank back. You will see why in a minute. A quick search online revealed 17 cards in the set but I had 21 different. This puzzled me. On closer examination, I noticed

None of mine were blank backed. They had  this ad to order personalized trading cards.The trademark dates are also different. The one from Sal had a 1978 date while mine had a 1979 date. The four teams that came over from the WHA were included in the 79/80 set.Now I have too admit that I collected OPC and picked up whatever Topps I could find. Apparently my knowledge was sorely lacking as my set was the 79/80 Topps insert set. Here they are in all their splendour.

I wonder if any kids did indeed use them as stickers on their helmets and sticks.

Thanks Sal for the card and the history lesson. Now I'll have to keep my eyes open for  these.

And these are not (Puck) junk.


  1. I was always kind of jealous about these when I got older and learned about them. The sheer volume of OPC I opened back then.... had there been stickers in those, I would have millions.

    1. And I was jealous that OPC sets were so much bigger. Buy one box of Topps in the 1980s, and you had your set. That was it.

      Topps, they really tried to make hockey cards appealing--15 cards per pack, a stick of gum AND a sticker. Maybe they thought the stickers would make people want the cards more, but not really.

    2. You and me both--now Sal informs me there is a variant of the Canadiens sticker the more I know, the more I don't know--aaahhhh

  2. Well, if I can teach the great Al Kawamoto a thing or two about hockey cards, then I am doing *something* right. Glad I sent you a card that you *didn't* own.

    By the way, there are actually 22 stickers (not 21) in the 79-80 set--a variant of the Montreal Canadiens sticker.

    1. Do you know what the variant is--the more I know, the more I don't know

    2. The Montreal Canadiens sticker has two variations.

      The other variation (not pictured above) has the same Habs logo, but the three smaller stickers beneath it are different. They are a picture of a goalie, the word "SCORE!" and the number 5.

      I just so happen to have TWO duplicates of this particular variant you need. Would you like me to send you one?