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Monday, June 25, 2012

Fuji's next question

Who were your childhood favorites (players)?
I'm a hockey guy and my childhood favourites were any of the Leafs. During the 60's, I thought they had a chance to win the Cup every year and they had a pretty good run. Frank Mahovlich, Red Kelly and Tim Horton stood out for me.
Do you collect their cards & memorabilia?
Yes. It was easier before the card boom of the 90's to collect their cards.I have a lot of Leaf cards. .
If so, what's your favorite item (of your favorite childhood player) in your collection?
I have a lot of autographed items including Tim Horton. The Tim Hortons' logo for the doughnut chain is his autograph. Ingenious. I collect tim-bits too but thats another story.


  1. If you're going to collect Leafs, you might as well collect the classic ones. Good call!

  2. I'll have to Google Horton's autograph. Thanks for sharing!