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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm a collector, I couldn't leave it if I tried

Fuji, here it is.

Besides my sports memorabilia, (which encompasses all things sports), I also collect celebrity autographs. Now its mostly sending e-mail requests (its free and I'm frugal) found on autograph address sites. I would like to collect more but my wife doesn't have  the collector mentality. Like when I get SI delivered on Thursday, she's ready for it to go into recycling on Friday. I see value in everything. We used to have a day where people could put out unwanted things and anybody could pick up anything that caught their fancy. Along with the sports stuff, I picked up a guitar amp, some paintings, and various tchotchkes. Most of these are gone as we have moved a few times and they get found and thrown out. As long as she doesn't read this, I still have a few things hidden away that haven't been discovered. YET


  1. Awesome... thanks for sharing.

  2. I can totally relate with you. My wife does not have the collector mentality either. She can't wrap her head around why anybody would pay so much money for a piece of cardboard with some guys picture on it.