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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Winner Winner no chicken dinner

Charlie Sheen, not WINNING my contest.
1967ers at Diamond Cuts and Wax Stains did.
Tommy Williams played in 663 NHL games, scoring 161 goals and 269 assists for 430 points. He played for two seasons with the New England Whalers (WHA), scoring 31 goals and 58 assists in 139 games.
Tommy Williams played in 399 NHL games, scoring 115 goals and 138 assists for 253 points.
He correctly identified Tom Williams the younger as the former NHL'er I met unexpectedly on my holidays. We had a nice long chat on his time with the Hamilton Red Wings and my classmate who played with him, Pete Bartkiewicz. He told me the reason he signed with Hamilton (he was being pursued by other junior clubs) was his family was given a bonus to sign with them. We also talked about the upcoming (soon to be cancelled )Winter Classic as he is actively involved with the Red Wings alumni. The conversation just drifted around hockey talk. Discussed playing professional hockey, the changes and players he played with. Overall, a fun time that was an added bonus. I don't think its a common occurence and probably won't happen again. I do have some previously autographed cards of his from IP signings at the Original Six tourneys in the 80's. I still need the league leaders card signed and I'll see if he'll sign a photo of us together. He told me he gladly signs all requests sent to him as long as there is a SASE. His address is correct on hockey db boards but if you need it, let me know. Had fun with this little contest and will have to come up with another idea for my next one.

Signed in black sharpie IP

Will send and get this signed.

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  1. Yay me! And anyone who said that spending all my time mucking about with old hockey cards was somehow not constructive? In yer face! :)