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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Why do we have so many acronyms?
The title says it all. American Hockey League In person custom index cards tonight. I just found out yesterday that the Hamilton Bulldogs were having a practice, then a community practice with some young hockey players followed by an autograph signing. This was happening at a small rink in Ancaster, where I got some autographs during the Erie Otters training camp. This was on my way home from work so it was perfect. I didn’t have much time to get any cards or wirephotos but did a quick job on some index cards. Apparently the players got dressed at Copps Coliseum and drove to the rink. After the practice, they signed autographs as they were leaving. There weren’t a lot of people around so it was good for me. A big thanks goes to Kellin Enslev, an account executive with the Bulldogs. He was handing out sharpies to the players and giving the kids some autograph sheets. He noticed me trying to figure out who some of the players were. He would tell me who the player that was coming was and their number.So here is what I got tonight.
Pretty good night I'd say. And then I got home in time to see the Leafs lose.

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