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Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Vernal Equinox Birthday (March 21st)

Another segment in my birthday posting. Previous post was for my middle daughters birthday on St Patricks Day. Now the youngest on this day. In your birth year, it was the first day of spring but not this year. Not really spring equinox but close.
So a couple of years ago, the company where she was working had a function at the HHOF. Afterwards, she informed me that she had her picture taken with a Leaf oldtimer. Someone told her it was Ron Ellis. Since he works for the HHOF, it seemed feasible that it was him. So she shows me the picture and I think Ron Ellis doesn't look the same. He looks a lot like Bobby Baun.
Yep, that's him. The man who scored an overtime game winning goal in game six of the 63/64 Stanley Cup final.

Now this is Ron Ellis. Played his entire 1034 regular seaon games and 70 playoff games all with the Leafs. Took a photo of him signing at an event and brought it with me the next year to get signed.

Since she didn't get me any autographs, it's a good thing I already had both of them in my collection. As you can tell, these cards are not in the best of shape. I bought a lot of off condition cards to get signed so my good cards were still unblemished.

Again, condition was not important but the experience was. A future post will detail the event I attended to get these signed.

Oh yes, Happy Birthday.

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