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Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 31

Mr Hockey

What else is there to say about the man.
For multiple generations, Gordie Howe is not only Mr. Hockey, he is hockey.
Today is his 83rd birthday.

Over a period of 32 years (combining NHL and WHA totals) Gordie Howe scored 1071 goals 1518 assists and 2589 points. Only Wayne Gretzky's career totals are better. Howe was a gifted power forward, an accomplished defensive player, a feared giant and the only player to have dominated three different eras - postwar NHL, the Golden Era of the 1960s and the Expansion Era.
Now, in the later years of his life, Gordie Howe has gone fishin'.
"Back in February," Mark says, "Marty had him down in Florida for a three-day fishing trip. They had a couple of sails [sailfish] on and were trying for tarpon but didn't raise any."
And in a few months, when things get quieter in the off-season for Mark, Gordie will move in with him in Jackson, N.J., just north of Atlantic City, and will live the life of a Hemingway novel. He will be the old man and the sea.
"I've got a 43-footer, and we'll live on the boat a lot," Mark says. "The shore house is only a couple of blocks away, but we'll stay on the boat and do our own clamming. And when the weather is nice, we'll be out 70 miles offshore, looking for 60- or 70-pound tuna. He loves fishing. We'll be out there noon to noon the next day, or more, and he'll sleep a little, but he'll carry his own weight. It's a tough trip, taxing on me, but he'll do fine."
That probably explains the following from t he site.

At this time, we are not able to accommodate any autograph personalization requests. Mr. Howe is spending more time on the road with family and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to have items personalized and sent out in a reasonable time period. All of these items featured on the website have already been pre-signed by Mr. Howe so there is no need for him to be in town. Thank you for your understanding and we hope you find something you will enjoy!

This is a 1992-93 NHL Upper Deck Gordie Howe 65th Birthday Celebration Tour Limited Edition Commemorative Sheet  The commemorative sheet measures approx. 8.5" x 11" The sheet is #18172 of 25,000 pieces. These were available at McDonalds during February 93. They pictured the Howe Hockey Heroes insert set from that years Upper Deck hockey cards.


This is one of the Prudential collection, "Great Moments in Canadian Sport" a multi-sports release showing, as the title suggests,  different moments in Canadian sports. This shows Gordie after breaking Rocket Richards career goal mark of 544.
Personalised in black sharpie marker. Received in person at Gretzky Tennis Classic many years ago. One of the unique autographed items in my collection. I will share more autographs from this and other events in future posts.


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  2. No--just losing sleep--looking at my old stuff brings back the memories