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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dec 10--13 Players

Nothing for the 13 players celebrating today as their birthdate.

So lets visit the Brantford & Area Sports Hall of Recognition .

Please note that the Brantford & Area Sports Hall of Recognition is temporarily closed due to construction. A NEW and UPDATED Sports Hall of Recognition is currently being built. Look for Grand Opening planned for approximately mid 2012! More details to come next year.

Guess we'll have to wait for this. Have been here a few times and always enjoyed it. What we can do is check out the brochure. We see the mission statement and criteria for nomination to the hall. A few photos of honoured members and descriptive saying the display changesevery six months but have some of Wayne Gretzky's stuff on permanent display. Map and hours of operation also included.

With free admission, its a bargain at half the price.

There's also a website for this which is the creation of the students of the Pauline Johnson Collegiate Sports History Program. Lists all members and bio of each. Pretty interesting reading.

You'll be seeing this sign in the windshields of a few cars in Brantford. (that is, if you live in and around Brantford). It's to get a buzz going but will not be revealed until Feb 2012. I've  got one and my lips are sealed. You can guess all you want but you'll find out. (has nothing to do with sports, autographs, memorabilia etc). That means the Brantford & Area Sports Hall of Recognition posting above has no connection except Brantford. I'll be posting the image occasionally to keep it going.

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