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Monday, May 2, 2011

May 1--Boo Hoo

Starting a new month the wrong way. No birthday cards to share so I'm gonna ramble on. Checked my mail box and there was a plastic bad with the dreaded white envelope inside. Attached was the notice form the USPS that envelope was received in this condition blah blah blah. This was funny as my wife received one from Canada Post the day before (luckily it did not contain any sports related material). Anyhow, my package was from the Carolina Hurricanes. I had forgotten that I e-mailed them earlier in the season for a fan pack. Here is what I received.

Folded in half to fit the envelope, from the 06/07 season, Carolina Hurricanes header card and card of Cory Stillman. Also the pencil (good thing it is unsharpened as I amy have poked my eyes out).

Good news as I won the ITG Between the Pipes Contest over at Cards on Ice

You can see what I won at their site.
I will post scans of my winnings when I receive them. There's also a new contest going on now revolving around the announced Panini Score Rookie and Traded Set.

Oh my Leafs, what will they do next.

In having signed a Swedish goaltender famous for his rapping, the Maple Leafs — if nothing else — can argue they have the best nicknames among netminders in all of hockey.
Add Mark In Da Park to a list that includes Optimus Reim, The Monster and Jiggy.
On the ice, he’s Mark Owuya, a 21-year-old, 6-foot-2, silver medal winner from Sweden’s 2009 world junior team.
On stage, he’s Mark In Da Park, a rapper who appeared on Swedish Idol. He’s also got his own website, where you can download his songs,

At least this is better than Kris Versteeg at the Hawks SC celebration.

Hopefully the rest of the month gets better. Still waiting for more word on my Memorial Cup volunteer job.

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  1. Kazi, I have a could of questions for you;

    When requesting fan packs, do you need to provide return postage or does the team pick up that tab? What do you say in the letter to request the fan pack?