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Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 12--More miscellaneous stuff

'The Official NHL Hockey Treasures' book '

Special edition contains over thirty removable replicas of hockey memorabilia

Dan Diamond NHL Hockey Treasures Book -

The National Hockey League (NHL) and Carlton Books have teamed up to release The Official NHL Hockey Treasures, a special edition book created by Toronto author Dan Diamond in association with the Hockey Hall of Fame. The book tells the rich and fascinating history of hockey through hundreds of photographs and an exhaustively researched and lucid text.

The Official NHL Hockey Treasures explores the origin and evolution of hockey, with particular attention to the professional game in North America, the players, legendary match-ups and illustrious teams. Available now, this collectible book includes a stunning assortment of removable facsimiles of hockey memorabilia selected by the curators of the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The Official NHL Hockey Treasures includes:
  • More than 200 images collected from hockey's renowned past
  • 30 removable items of facsimile memorabilia, including a souvenir program from the 1925 Stanley Cup Final, the Montreal Canadiens 1933-34 pocket schedule, and a Ronald Reagan thank you letter to former NHL President John Ziegler
  • Over 60 pages of stories and historical facts from the game of hockey
"It's almost a cliché to describe the history of the National Hockey League as colorful, but this book proves this to be the case," said Dan Diamond, author of The Official NHL Hockey Treasures. "It's packed with information, images and special inserts that display NHL hockey in all its glory."
I received this book as a Christmas gift from my daughter in 2009. Interesting reading on the history of the NHL.

I don't remember any of the replica pieces being sold online anywhere.

Tickets from last game at MLG and first game at ACC.

Telegraph to D. Bain

Roster sheet for the Leafs.

Now after scanning these items, I see why you couldn't pawn these off as real. There's a little NHL and number of the item on the back. Never noticed them before.

So, even though I don't have any todays birthday autographs to show, I still have other things in my collection that I can do a show and tell with. Hope its enjoyable.

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