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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14--Nada

Nada, birthdays again. Its also getting close to the fourth season. WE have pre-season, regular season, post season and coming up, off season. But I'm only talking about the hockey year.

Here's something for Bobby Lou.

You might need this before Game 7 tomorrow night.

James Reimer launches fashion line

Enough said.

Theoren Fleury

Playing with Fire By Theo Fleury, Kirstie McLellan Day

Won a copy of this book a while ago from the hockey card and memorabilia magazine, the want list. It was an interesting read. Always admired him when he was playing.

NHL Hockey players on twitter (130)

Here's a list of 130 former and active NHL'ers twitter accounts. You might want to follow some of these guys. Probably not a complete list but there is probably someone to everyone's liking.

TSN Radio

Have listened to TSN radio while driving in to work. TSN RADIO 1050 launched on Wednesday, April 13, 2011. The all-sports radio station is available to sports fans in the Greater Toronto area on AM 1050 and nationally online at and on TSN MOBILE. providing competition for sportsnet radio/the fan 590. The last couple of weeks Darren Dutchyshen has been guest hosting for Bryan Hayes who is guest hosting for James Cebulski. The man is a riot. Different from when he's on TV. One guest this week was former Bruin Lyndon Byers, who is a co-host of the Hill Man Morning Show on radio station WAAF-FM where he is an air personality and sports specialist. The two of them was great radio.

As for tomorrow night's game, I hope it's close but Vancouver wins.

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