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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nov 1--Tie Domi

So for the month of October, my final tally was 24 out of 31 or 74%.  It's getting harder and harder to find cards from my collection to pull every day. But, we'll start November off with

Tie Domi

Selected by Toronto Maple Leafs round 2 #27 overall 1988 NHL Entry Draft.

In 1989-90, he made his NHL debut against the Red Wings after starting the season with the AHL's Newmarket Saints. After playing one more game that season he was traded with goalie Mark LaForest to the New York Rangers for Greg Johnston.
In the 1990-91 season, Domi played 28 games and scored his first goal on March 23 against the Flyers. In 1991-92, he joined the Rangers full time and played 42 games as the team won the President's Trophy championship. In the playoffs, he scored one goal in six games. Once again he was best remembered for his fists, rather than his playing ability.
In 1992-93, Domi was traded with Kris King to the Winnipeg Jets for Ed Olczyk. In 61 games between the two teams, he scored 15 points and tallied 344 penalty minutes. In 1993-94, he played 81 games, scored 19 points and racked up a league-high 347 penalty minutes.
In the shortened 1994-95 season, Domi was traded back to the team that originally drafted him back in 1988, the Toronto Maple Leafs. He was adored by fans for his ruthless playing style and often hilarious antics both on and off the ice.

To find out more check out his site at

Received this blue sharpie signed card IP. This was at Leafs training camp at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton. Now Tie was consistent and stated only one per person. I don't know how he usually is but he stuck to his rule for all five of us there at that time. When he was done, he called Derek King over so they could leave. This was the first time I had heard King's nickname "Yoda". Even King himself jokingly said he didn't know if it was because his ears stuck out like Yoda or he was old and wise like the Jedi mentor.. He hoped it was the latter.

 G_Moses over at posted about November being National Novel Writing Month. His idea for a  challenge is to write 15000 words on your blog during the month of November. That would equal approximately 500 words a day. I thought since I'm posting every day anyway, I'll just expand a bit. Along with my daily birthday autograph post, I'll just write about whatever. I guess this is where the musing in my blog title description will be in effect.  I won't include the brief bio of the player in this. Just my ramblings. I will post the number of words of each post on a daily basis, along with a running total as well.

So heres a picture of me yesterday dressed up for Halloween at work. I don't believe I offended anybody as nobody could quite figure out what I was supposed to be. (I just threw a bunch of things together and became known as Pumpkin Patrol--at least that's what I was called when I won one of the best costume prizes).

Twitter  handout photo

Unfortunately for Phoenix Coyotes forward Raffi Torres and his wife, they were under fire for their costumes at the team party. As a tribute, they went as Jay-Z and Beyonce. They appear to have darkened their skin to be more in character. Some people are really ticked. Others don't give a damn. Some people are making a big deal out of this, calling it black face. This would be stereotyping an entire race, in other words making fun. I believe going as a specific person (a celebrity) is paying homage.
Big difference between the two. And there is debate on both sides. For Canadians, we have little history of blackface and is not taught in schools. This is not to excuse Raffi for his actions. His generation actually lives and not just talks about tolerance and balance. As a visible minority myself, I don't get all jacked up and start foaming at the mouth. Take it for what it is. A Halloween costume.
I don't think any aliens are offended when there were ET's running around. But with fame, whatever a celebrity does will make headlines. Cause debate. And I hope with all the discussion, someone may learn something. Just don't know if  that's good or bad.

NaBlo Wrimo Daily Count: 527 words
NaBlo Wrimo Month Count: 527words

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  1. Hey, welcome to NaBlo WriMo! Already, I've found two blogs featuring hockey cards I didn't even know existed before I thought about doing the project. So already it's a win.

    Good luck on hitting the mark. Let's just have fun with it.