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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nov 7,8 and 9

So I'm going to try and catch up posting the birthday blogs. I'll post a couple a day and forego the bio and stats. For some of  the older players, I try to keep the history alive and if someone reading this does some research on a player they didn't know of previously, that's great. I'm posting three today with a little story on each.

Nov 7

Ted McAneeley

Selected by California Golden Seals round 4 #47 overall 1970 NHL Amateur Draft

Now with all the moving around I've done in the past few years, I still haven't unpacked everything and here's an example of what can happen. I can't seem to find the autographed cards of Ted McAneeley. I know I had the cards but can't find them.

Here's the envelope I received back.

Inside was a note from his mother saying Ted and his family had moved to Maui. She forwarded my cards and I remember thinking I would not get them back. I did but like Waldo, where's the cards.
It appears that he is still in Hawaii.

Ted McAneeleyDirector of Golf, Prince Resorts Hawaii
Prince Resorts Hawaii
100 Holomoana Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96815
(808) 956-1111

Nov 8

Johnny Bower

Bower retired in 1969 and was inducted into Hockey's Hall of Fame in 1976.

Blue ink signed cards received TTM.

Return envelope postmarked 1985.

Now I actually had obtained his autograph 20 years earlier. From one of my earlier posts, Simpsons Sears had him signing when he released a 45 rpm single, Honky, the Christmas Goose. I had the record cover signed and also a b/w post card. I have neither any more. Alas.

Nov 9

Bob Neely

Selected by Toronto Maple Leafs round 1 #10 overall 1973 NHL Amateur Draft
Selected by Chicago Cougars round 1 #1 overall 1973 WHA Amateur Draft
First we have a McAneeley and now a Neely. I was a year ahead of him in high school in Hamilton but knew him as I watched a lot of Hamilton Red Wing games. In those days, "Tub" wasn't at school much. Neither were some of his teammates, former NHL'ers Ed Gilbert, Pat Hickey and Jim Schoenfeld.

Received these blue ink signed cards IP. This was at a Leaf OldTimer event.

A few more days like this and I should be caught up. Then maybe I'll try to catch up from when I was on holidays in August.

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