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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nov 25--16 Players

Nov 25

Since I have nothing for todays autograph,will post a mail in offer

92/93 Fleer Ultra 
Jermy Roenick
Performance Highlights # 11 and 12
Nothing much to say about these. I don't remember what you had to send in but I'm thinking it was x number of wrappers. It appears that numbers 1-10 were inserts and you had to send away to complete the insert set. There were also autographed versions inserted into packs.

Front of cards blue border, Fleer Ultra logo in gold foil and Jeremy Roenick Performance Highlights also in gold foil.

Back of cards have smaller different photo. Card # 11 titled Impressive Impressions and card #12 Roenick on Roenick. Each card then has a write up pertaining to card title.

Return envelope dated June 15/93 and thank you form letter for buying Fleer products.

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NaBlo Wrimo Monthly Count: 5191

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  1. Wow...I don't remember getting that "thank you" note from Fleer. Now I'm jealous...but then again, maybe I picked them up at a show instead. 1992 was a long time ago...