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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oct 23--9 Players

9 players -NOTHING

This time from the vault, lets look at

97/98 Donruss Priority


Each pack contains 5 cards plus one postcard.

220 card base set with the odd numbers being SP. The packs with the stamps contained the odd numbers and the packs with the postcards the even numbers.

Odds are 1:4 packs

Stamp of Approval (220)  #'ed to 100
Direct Deposit (30) #'ed to 3000
Postmaster Generals (20) #'ed to 1500
Stamps (36) Bronze, silver and gold versions
Postcards (36) same players as featured on the stamps
Opening Day Issue (30) #'ed to 1000

Okay,  let's start with the wrapper.

Foil wrapper with Eric Lindros on front.

Back with stated odds for inserts.

Front of cards have colour photo, team name, players name and number along with Donruss Priority stamp in silver foil. Subset 1st class package looks like brown wrapped package addressed to player in care of their team.

# 42 Kevin Stevens
# 96 Stephane Fiset
# 140 Joe Nieuwendyk
# 200 Sergei Samsonov
# 210 Saku Koivu

Backs have  colour photo,card number, player name and number, career stats and brief bio. Subset has brief bio and colour photo with team name.

Received this Wayne Gretzky postcard.

Back of postcard. Card has four diagonal cuts where you would insert the matching stamp.

Another 90's set where the card companies were trying any idea to produce another set of cards.

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  1. Nice Gretzky postcard; but... matching stamps? What did they look like? How were you able to get them? Interesting.