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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oct 26--12 Players/Pack rip??

Getting near the end of the month. Hopefully I have autographed material to stay around 75% for October. 5 more days. 
 Without further adieu, this will not be a pack rip. Or a tin opening. Will just be viewing a

88/89 OPC rack pack

A 264 card set with Nieuwendyk, Shanahan and Hull rookie cards.

OPC minis 46 card set

I don't remember where I picked this up at-I believe it was at Zellers department store. I can remember they had these prepacks with like 20 cards for $4.00 or something to that effect. Those I can see plainly as they all had a 81/82 Dennis Savard Topps RC showing. Didn't buy any so I think I bought this instead. Don't even remember what year. The gum is not stuck to the card and moves freely. Bonus. Craig Simpson OPC mini. Regular cards showing are Jari Kurri, Scott Arniel, Ulf Dahlen,

Ron Sutter, Borje Salming and Brian Hayward.

Since I already have a couple of sets, don't need any more singles lying around. I'll just keep this puppy in its custom made cello wrap display.

Would you open or not.


  1. I would tear, since I don't have any of these cards around!