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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oct 24--Jim Peplinski

Jim Peplinski

Selected by Atlanta Flames round 4 #75 overall 1979 NHL Entry Draft.

 Peplinski was a standout who was drafted by the Atlanta Flames in 1979.
By the time he joined the club, they had already transformed themselves into the Calgary Flames thus making Peplinski an original team member. Over his nine seasons with the club, he established himself as a solid and consistent performer who missed only 21 games during that time, five of which were lost so that he could play in the Calgary Olympics in 1988. During most of his career as a Flame, he was a team leader, skating alongside his co-captain and linemate, Lanny McDonald. Together, they lead the Flames through the great battles of Alberta that were waged against their provincial rival, the Edmonton Oilers.
The sad irony of Peplinski's career is that when the Flames finally won the Stanley Cup in 1989, he was scratched from the club's lineup for the final game. It was one of the toughest decisions ever made by coach Terry Crisp who was choked up at the thought of denying his team captain the final stroke of his long journey to the top.
Peplinski came back for six more games the following season before retiring to the broadcast booth where he established himself as an articulate colour analyst for the CBC. Five years later, however, at age 34, he inexplicably attempted an ill-fated comeback with the Flames that lasted only six games.


Jim Peplinski, Automobile-Leasing King: Peplinski founded and managed Jim Peplinski's Leasemaster National, an automobile-leasing business in Calgary after his first retirement, and he continued to run the company during his brief NHL comeback and after his second retirement. The company was a spin-off of the older Leasemaster company in Calgary, which Peplinski purchased after leaving the NHL in late 1989. Under Peplinski's leadership, Leasemaster expanded to have offices in Edmonton and Toronto, and it became one of the most successful privately-owned car leasing companies in Canada

Received these black sharpie signed cards TTM.

He also signed my mid 80's CIC (or my attempt at one)

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