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Monday, October 3, 2011

Oct 3-- 18 Players

With nothing for todays birthdays, let's rip open another pack.

98/99 UD Choice Swedish Hockey.

225 card set, 6 cards per pack. Jersey card (1:4000) and Autographed jersey card (1:38095) Trade card (1:21) and A Day in the Life (1:9). Now it appears that its a dual jersey card of Daniel and Hendrik Sedin. Didn't really know who they were then but a chance to get a jersey and/or autographed card was a big attraction. Bought a couple of packs and put them aside. Doesn't feel like there's any thick cards in it.

Front of cards.
 Glossy cards with players in their colourful jerseys. I guess they might have been household names (in Sweden).

Back of cards.
Head shot of team logo. Biographical info and stats from 93/94 and up.

Your typical UD Choice cards. Other packs feel the same. Maybe I'll wait and open these in another 10 years or so.

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