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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oct 6--Pokey Reddick

With the Winnipeg Jets getting ready to start up again, lets revisit

Pokey Reddick

Signed as a free agent with the Winnipeg Jets in 1985.

His father observed his son's tendency to move around the house like a slowpoke. As such, Eldon was replaced by the nickname "Pokey."

His younger brother, Stan "Smokey" Reddick, was also a goaltender who spent twelve years playing in the ECHL and Slovenia.
During his tenure with the Winnipeg Jets, he formed one half of the goaltending duo "Pokey and the Bandit" with Daniel Berthiaume.
Pokey Reddick holds the National Hockey League record for most games played by a goaltender without recording a shutout. Reddick played in 132 National Hockey League games over his career without recording a single shutout.

Received this blue ink signed card TTM.

Also included this team photo that he also signed.

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