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Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 21

Jacques Caron

The story is as familiar as 1967 is historic to NHL development. Caron was a minor-league goalie, doomed to play for Springfield during the 1960s after finishing junior with Peterborough. He retired at one point and moved to Toronto to take a job as a machinist, but when news of expansion made headlines he returned to the game.
The L.A. Kings did indeed claim him, and he got into his first NHL game in 1967-68. Just three games later the following year he became depressed and retired again, only to come back when he had a chance to play for St. Louis.
After ten more games with Vancouver, he moved on again to the minors, leaving Syracuse in early 1977 after a contract disagreement. But for a third time he came out of retirement after a trade sent him to Binghampton, and in 1980 he retired to his cattle and horse farm in Noranda. Two years later, he was hired as an assistant coach in Hartford, a job he had to abandon after suffering severe emotional and mental stress that needed hospital treatment.
Currently the special assignments coach for the New Jersey Devils.
 He won three Stanley Cups as goaltending coach with New Jersey in 1995, 2000 and 2003.

Received this blue ink signed card TTM during the 80's.

Now, some days I don't have any autographed cards for players on that birthdate. Today, I had a choice of FIVE (5). Guess I'll save them for days when I'm bereft of any. And is there anything better than flipping between two playoff OT games and staying awake for them.


  1. He really helped Martin Brodeur reach his potential as a goalie.

  2. Yes Dave, as he was the goaltending coach in the Devils three Cup wins, he must have played a part helping Marty--if not, Lou would probably would have gotten rid of him