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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 5

Doug Favell

Ever wonder who was the first goalie to paint his goalie mask? The answer is Doug Favell.

Now don't get too excited. His paint job was pretty lame compared to today's fancy paint jobs. Playing for the Philadelphia Flyers at the time, Doug painted his completely white mask Flyer Orange for Hallowe'en. I bet Doug had no idea what he started when he did that.

On November 7, 1968, Doug was in goal when St. Louis' Red Berenson scored six goals in a single National Hockey League game.

Doug is the only player to be claimed in both the 1967 expansion draft, and the 1979 expansion draft.

These blue ink signatures received IP. Oddly enough, the only one not  signed is the 72/73 player crest. Don't know why.

Happy birthday.

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