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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Let the playoff beard begin

Sometime this week







Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Trade Deadline is over

Just before my work day was over, I was informed my Leaf picked up Ryan O’Byrne for a fourth round choice in 2014. I tell the fellow that told me that I think he was arrested in Florida for shoplifting some woman’s purse at some nightclub. Upon checking, this did happen in 2008. How I remembered this but not something that my wife asked me to do yesterday is a mystery. One must be more important than the other.
Anyhow, tied for second place (8 times) as the most traded NHL player is
Brent Ashton
Selected in second round # 26 overall by Vancouver Canucks in the 1979 NHL Draft.
Vancouver to Winnipeg (7/15/81),
Winnipeg to Colorado (7/15/81),
New Jersey to Minnesota (10/3/83),
Minnesota to Quebec (12/14/84),
Quebec to Detroit (1/17/87),
Detroit to Winnipeg (6/13/88),
Winnipeg to Boston (10/29/91),
Boston to Calgary (2/1/93).
This does not include the move when the Colorado Rockies became the New Jersey Devils
Received my cards back signed in black marker along with a postcard TTM in the late 80’s.