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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jan 31--Rick Dudley

I end up the month of January at 26/31 days or 84%. I'm still amazed that  actually have this many autographs. Well one more shortened month and a part month will bring me full circle--one year of birthday posts. But on to today brought to you by

Rick Dudley

Rick Dudley hockey player photo

Not drafted after playing his final year with the St. Catharines Blackhawks of the Ontario Hockey League

Rick Dudley played with grit, tenacity and determination and it was because of these qualities that he managed to fight his way to the NHL, both literally and figuratively. 
Dudley began his playing career with the Buffalo Sabres of the NHL in 1972–73 and played there for three seasons, before switching leagues in 1975–76. He played four seasons in the WHA for the Cincinnati Stingers. On February 4, 1979, Cincinnati traded him to the NHL's Buffalo Sabres, where he remained until the 1980–81 season. During that season, Dudley was released and picked up by the last place Winnipeg Jets on waivers, where he played the remaining 30 games of the season, wearing the number 99.
Dudley is a member of the Cincinnati Hockey Hall of Fame

Received these blue ink signed cards TTM.

He also sent his business card.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Jan 30--Larry Carriere

Larry Carriere

Selected by Buffalo Sabres round 2 #25 overall 1972 NHL Amateur Draft.

Larry Carriere took an unconventional route to the National Hockey League. While most NHLers in the 1970s came from the Canadian junior leagues, Larry starred as a defenseman at a little known Montreal college called Loyola. At the same time he was majoring in Business Administration. He would begin the 1972-73 season in Buffalo where he was one of two very impressive rookie rearguards that year in Buffalo, as the bruising Jim Schoenfeld also debuted.  He was soon relegated to spot duty, and was on the move to Atlanta, Vancouver, and L.A, three trades in less than one calendar year. At this point, Carriere got a good job offer in Toronto out of hockey, and asked the Kings to waive him out of the league with the purpose of signing his retirement papers. They waived him, but he didn't get around to signing off when Buffalo's GM Punch Imlach claimed him.
Carriere agreed to play with the Sabres, and the Kings filed tampering charges. Nothing came of this, and after nine games he retired, only to return for two games with the Leafs a year and a half later before quitting for good at age 27.

1972-1980BUF, ATL, VAN, L.A. TOR367167490462
1973-1976Buffalo, Atlanta, Toronto27033

Received these black sharpie signed cards IP at the NHL SloPitch tourney.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jan 29--Paulin Bordeleau

Paulin Bordeleau

Paulin Bordeleau hockey player photo
Selected by Vancouver Canucks round 2 #19 overall 1973 NHL Amateur Draft.
Selected by Toronto Toros round 1 #4 overall 1973 WHA Amateur Draft.

As the youngest of three hockey-playing brothers, by the time Paulin Bordeleau had reached the major junior level he was certainly receiving additional attention from pro scouts, who wanted to see if he was as good, or perhaps even better, than his siblings Christian and J.P.
Bordeleau, like his brothers, was not big physically, which was a concern to NHL scouts but had  a strong training camp and made the team roster as a 20-year-old rookie . In 1976 he was lured to the WHA with a large contract offer from the Quebec Nordiques and the opportunity to play with his brother Christian. Following the demise of the WHA after the 1978-79 season, Bordeleau decided to move to France, where he played for eight years and was a member of the 1988 French Olympic Team that competed in Calgary.


Received these black ink signed cards TTM.

Also included this black ink signed index card.

So I have autographs of all three Bordeleau brothers on cards and index cards. Maybe my next project should be to show brother combination autographs.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jan 28--Jack Egers

Jack Egers

Selected by New York Rangers round 4 #20 overall 1966 NHL Amateur Draft.
His nickname was "Smokey," a reference to his ability to knock the sap out of the wood of his sticks with his rocket of a slapshot. But injuries really wreaked havoc on his hockey career. Early in his career he quite infamously smacked his head on the ice, resulting in a severe concussion that re-sparked the helmet debate. Egers even admitted he would have used a helmet if it was not for the unspoken peer pressure about not wearing a helmet. Egers also nearly ended up swallowing his tongue and went into convulsions.
Egers joined the fire department after hockey, rising all the way to the title of captain of the Kitchener, Ontario fire department.

1970-1976NYR, STL, WAS2846469133154
1970-1974N.Y. Rangers, St. Louis32561132
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Received these blue sharpie signed cards TTM.

He also included this unsigned 71/72 colour postcard.

Return envelope postmarked 1987.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jan 27--20 players/ Sal Barry

Nothing for the 20 players with today as their birthdate.

So its a Happy Birthday to Sal J. Barry

Lets all share a piece of birthday cake.


Birthday boy Sal.

Somehow I found Sal's blog during the first few days it was live. I've been following ever since and contributed some info. It finally inspired me to start this blog and Sal was kind enough to offer a few suggestions. So, if you haven't visited his site, do it. And if you have, wish him a Happy Birthday. (even though he wears the Black Hawks colours)

Jan 26--Wayne Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky

and not Fred Barrett, Daniel Berthiaume, Rod Dallman, Mike Fountain, Ivan Hlinka, Martin Lauder, Vic Lynn, Dean Malkoc, Dale McCourt, Scott McKay, Billy McNeill, Dan Newman, Frank Nighbor, Alf Skinner, Glen Skov, and Mark Taylor.

A year before he would have been eligible for the NHL draft, 17-year-old Wayne Gretzky signed up with the Indianapolis Racers of the WHA in 1978 for an unprecedented $825,000.

What is there to say that hasn't already been said.
92 goals in one season.
10 scoring titles, seven in the 1980s.
200 points four times in five seasons.
Four Stanley Cups in five seasons.
NHL MVP nine times in the ’80s.
… He ended his NHL career with 62 scoring records, 894 goals, 1,963 assists and 2,857 points; also, he has nine 50-goal seasons, 15 100-point seasons and career records for playoff goals (122), assists (260) and points (382).

Gretzky played ten games on his birthday during his NHL career, getting at least a point each game:

YearOpponentGA P
1980vs. Toronto022
1982vs. St. Louis112
1983 vs. Toronto213
1989vs. Vancouver011
1991vs. Vancouver325
1993vs. San Jose022
1995vs. St. Louis101
1998vs. Washington011
1999vs. Washington033

This is a photo of the winners in a contest to the 1988  Wayne Gretzky Celebtity Tennis Classic. Check out the Philadelphia Flyer golf shirt and socks I'm wearing. At least the late Peter Zezel was impressed by my choice. It was taken by the tournament people and sent by courier. The following summer, Wayne and Janet were at a Brantford Red Sox game (Intercounty League baseball) which he was part owner of. Luckily I lived nearby, grabbed my photo and sharpie and got this signed IP. There was a public school graduation going on across the street from the stadium and some of the kids came over and got autographs. I saw one kid get the cast on his arm signed. One signature never to be seen again. . It was a pretty good day as I was behind the scenes and had an all access pass. Got a couple of Alyssa Milano signatures on teen magazine pictures. Peter Zezel. Kirk Muller. Usually when I was at these events, you were behind the fence and you got whomever came over to sign. This was way better. One of my better IP days. And with my arm around?? Janet, what could top  that.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jan 25--Rick Bowness

Rick Bowness

Selected by Atlanta Flames round 2 #26 overall 1975 NHL Amateur Draft
Selected by Indianapolis Racers round 5 #62 overall 1975 WHA Amateur Draft.

Rick Bowness was a solid right-winger who skated on four different teams in the 1970s and '80s. His role was more offensive in junior and the minors but his NHL career was spent staying with his man and driving to the net on occasion.Bowness checked effectively and saw time on the power play in Detroit but the Wings opted to go with Vaclav Nedomansky, Danny Grant, Dennis Polonich, and Bill Lochead at right wing. He spent his last half dozen seasons as a pro in the minors or as a role player on the St. Louis Blues and Winnipeg Jets. The veteran winger retired as a player in 1984 after playing two years with the AHL's Sherbrooke Jets.

Received this blue ink signed card TTM.


Received this blue ink signed postcard TTM.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jan 24--Guy Charron

Guy Charron

Many critics believed Guy Charron was simply not big enough to play hockey in the NHL, which could explain why he was never drafted. 
In 1969-70, Charron played 65 games with the Montreal Voltigeurs of the AHL, scoring 37 goals and 82 points. It was that impressive production which caught the attention of the Montreal brass, who called him up to the big team for five games. In 1970-71, Charron was in the lineup for 15 games, where he scored the first two goals of his NHL career. The Canadiens were showcasing his talent, to see if there was any interest amongst other teams for his services. The Detroit Red Wings acquired him midway through the year and in 24 games, scored eight goals and 12 points.
In his first full NHL season with the Red Wings in 1971-72, Charron tallied nine goals and 25 assists, playing primarily a defensive role with the club. During the following two years he was afforded more freedom to play a more wide-open style, resulting in seasons of 18 and 25 goals, respectively.
Charron remained with the Wings until 1974-75, when he was picked by the Kansas City Scouts in the Expansion Draft. He played two years there, scoring 71 points in the 1975-76 season. In 1976-77, Charron joined the Washington Capitals where he posted some of the best offensive numbers of his career. During that first year he scored a career-high 38 goals and 46 assists for 82 points in 80 games, marking the one and only year he averaged better than a point per game. Charron was also a consistent, reliable performer, who did not miss a Capitals' game during his first three years with the team. His last season with the Capitals, and in the NHL, was 1980-81, when he played 47 games. He returned for another two games during a brief comeback with the New haven Nighthawks of the AHL in 1982-83, before retiring as a player.
Charron retired having played in 734 games, scoring 221 goals and 530 points.

Received these blue ink signed cards TTM.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Jan 23--Jaroslav Pouzar

Jaroslav Pouzar

Selected by Edmonton Oilers round 4 #83 overall 1982 NHL Entry Draft.

Pouzar came over in 1982, and was expected to finally fill the hole on Wayne Gretzky's and Jari Kurri's left wing. However there was a small problem. Pouzar, who was a veteran of international hockey at age 30, had trouble adapting to the Oilers style of play, which differed greatly from his many years of training in Czechoslovakia.
Pouzar also had tremendous difficulty adjusting to North American life as well. He spoke next to no English and was undoubtedly homesick for much of his stay in the NHL.
Pouzar returned to Europe for the 1985-86 season, playing in Germany, where he would stay until finishing his career some 6 years later.
Pouzar did make a brief reappearance in the NHL in 1987. At the completion of the German League schedule, Pouzar rejoined the Oilers for their Cup run. He played in 12 games plus 5 more in the playoffs.


The Cakovec, Czechoslovakia native is a six-time member of the Czechoslovakian World European Championship team (two gold, three silver and two bronze medals), a two-time member of its Olympic team and a two-time Canada Cup participant.


Received these blue ink signed card TTM.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jan 22--Mike Bossy

Mike Bossy
Mike Bossy hockey player photo

Selected by New York Islanders round 1 #15 overall 1977 NHL Amateur Draft
Selected by Indianapolis Racers round 5 #44 overall 1977 WHA Amateur Draft.

The New York Islanders dynasty in the early 1980's ranks among the greatest teams of all time. Mike Bossy, often playing on one of the most feared lines in hockey history along with Bryan Trottier and Clark Gillies, was a key component of the success enjoyed on Long Island.
Mike Bossy's brilliant career included: 573 goal along with 553 assists for 1,126 points; In playoff action, Bossy tallied 85 goals and 160 points in 129 games; At least 60 goals on five occasions, and seven 100 plus points seasons; Four Stanley Cup rings; he scored the series winning goal in both the 1982 and 1983 Stanley Cup finals making him the only player in NHL history to record Cup winning goals in consecutive seasons; the 1982 recipient of the Conn Smythe Trophy awarded to the playoffs' Most Valuable Player; awarded the Lady Byng Trophy for gentlemanly play three times; A first team All-Star five times and a second team All-Star three times; And his 573 goals also put him high on the NHL's all-time list.

Bossy was also a member of Team Canada in the 1981 and 1984 Canada Cup Tournaments.

1977-1987N.Y. Islanders7525735531,126210
1978-1987N.Y. Islanders129857516038

Got these blue sharpie signed cards IP. Bossy worked with CassieCampbell and Bobby Orr on the Chevrolet Safe and Fun Hockey Program. They were in Hamilton a few years ago. Got Cassie to sign a few cards. Bobby was his usual jerkish (is that a word) self. I saw Mike head out a side door during a break. He was having a smoke by the dumpster. I waited until he was done and asked him if he would sign. He said these will probably end up on e-Bay but I told him I needed these to help me complete this set. He appeared fine with that and commented that he didn't want any of the kids to see him smoking, ergo the dumpster spot. I don't know what his habits are like but he was pretty good with me.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jan 21--Brian Bradley

Brian Bradley

Selected by Calgary Flames round 3 #51 overall 1983 NHL Entry Draft.
Bradley began his career as a standout in junior with the OHL's London Knights. After three spectacular years with the Knights, and a incredible 1985 World Junior Championships in which Bradley dominated with a 9 goal, 15 point effort.
The Flames sent him to the AHL to work on his game but he did impress with 28 points in 40 games in 1986-87. His defensive game was questioned by coach Bob Johnson and the club was very deep at forward. Bradley joined the Canadian National Team for the 1987-88 season and participated at the 1988 Calgary Olympics. Shortly after the tournament, Bradley was traded to the Vancouver Canucks.
The tricky pivot was a solid playmaker and power play specialist for parts of four seasons in Vancouver. In January 1991, the Canucks sent him to the Toronto Maple Leafs for mobile defenceman Tom Kurvers. His play was up and down on the mediocre Leafs and the club opted to leave him unprotected in the Expansion Draft. Bradley was chosen by the Tampa Bay Lightning and went on to play his best hockey.
In 1992-93, Bradley scored a personal high 42 goals and played in his first All-Star Game. He recorded two more 20-goal seasons and played in the 1994 All-Star Game until injuries began to interfere with his career
Brian Bradley, a two-time All-Star with the Tampa Bay Lightning, announced his retirement on September 23, 1999. He was another victim of the NHL's most dangerous injury heading into the new millennium -post-concussion syndrome.

Received these blue ink signed cards TTM.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Jan 20--Lou Fontinato

Lou Fontinato

  Leapin' Lou Fontinato, so-called because he left his feet when delivering body checks (some claim the "Leapin'" referred to his antics when called for a penalty when he would jump up and down while berating the referee) was a rugged defenseman. He started his career with New York during the 1954-55 season.
"Fontinato did indeed rule the hockey wars - until Howe challenged him that famous night in 1959. It all started ironically enough, when a Detroit player thudded against a young Ranger rookie named...Eddie Shack. Shack, still a season away from joining the Maple Leafs, was a main principal in the proceedings, as Fontinato recalls things. Shack was being his usual rambunctious self, and his aggressiveness was lifting the entire Ranger team. Rangers were winning 4-1 when Detroit's Pete Geogan, a hard hitting defenseman, decided to do something about Shack. He bounced him into the boards so hard that Shack's flying body broke a sheet of protective glass bordering the rink. This set up a chain reaction of events in which Shack later tangled with Howe. Shack wobbled away after getting caught up with Howe's stick and later required three stitches.
Fontinato was the Ranger policeman, the self appointed protector of youngsters like Shack. Fontinato remembers skating over to Howe and saying, "Keep your stick to yourself and lay off Shack." It was his job to issue such threats. Thirteen seconds later, Howe and Shack collided heavily behind the Detroit net. Howe lost his footing as Shack skated away in pursuit of the puck.
Howe was scrambling to his feet when Fontinato came out of nowhere and knocked him down again with a solid check. Sticks and gloves hit the ice, and everyone semed spellbound as Howe and Fontinato rolled and scuffled in the area between the goal and the end boards. Howe snatched Fontinato by the shirt and tagged him with a series of uppercuts. Fontinato got in a few good shots himself, dislocating Howes finger and opening a gash over one of his eyes. Several days later it was also discovered that Howe's ribs were broken. Press accounts of the event varied wildly. According to the New York papers, the confrotation lasted les than a minute and the outcome was indecisive, but a Detroit paper put it a full 3 minutes and declared breathlessly that Gordie Howe was the new heavyweight champion of hockey. What made Fontinato clearly a loser were the photos published in the next day's papers his nose, already broken four times, was mashed and bloody and looked like a rudder swung hard to starboard. Though each played the remainder of the game without incident, after the game Fontinato entered the hospital for surgery on his busted nose. "
Fontinato's career came to an abrupt and violent end in 1963 at the Montreal Forum when he missed a check on left-winger Vic Hadfield of the Rangers behind the Montreal net, slammed head first into the boards, and became paralyzed for a month.
He played in a total of 535 games and scored 26 goals and 78 assists. He had 1247 penalty minutes.

Received these blue ink signed cards TTM.

Return envelope postmarked ????

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jan 19--Ed Kea

Ed Kea

Kea never played Junior hockey, nor did he play collegiate hockey but he managed to turn professional in 1969 nonetheless. After two years with the Jersey Devils, and stops with the Seattle Totems and the St. Petersburg Suns, he was signed as a free agent by the Atlanta Flames in 1972.
The defenseman made his NHL during the 1973-74 season when he played three games for the Flames, but he was a regular the following season. Kea spent the next five seasons playing his solid, steady game on the Flames blue line before being dealt just prior to the 1979-80 season.
Kea was traded to St. Louis along with Don Laurence and a second round draft pick in exchange for Garry Unger.
With the Blues Kea played three and half seasons before being sent to the minors. During the 1982-83 season St. Louis shipped him to their farm team in Salt Lake. Unfortunately, while toiling for the Salt Lake Golden Eagles tragedy struck. Kea hit his head on the ice during a game and suffered severe head trauma and was left handicapped as a result. Though a series of operations saved his life, Kea's hockey career was obviously over and he retired and spent time with his wife and children.
Sadly, this wouldn't be the only tragedy for Ed Kea and his family. In September 1999 Kea drowned at his family cottage. Kea was just 51 years old.
If he is known at all to new generations of hockey fans it is as Joe Nieuwendyk's uncle.

Received these red ink signed cards TTM.

Also included this signed b/w photo. Signed mostly in blue ink but somehow wrote my name as Steve in red.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jan 18--Josh Holden

Josh Holden

Selected by Vancouver Canucks round 1 #12 overall 1996 NHL Entry Draft.

An offensively gifted forward, Holden made his professional debut with the Canucks during the 1998-99 season. Holden went on to play 30 games with the Canucks, while playing the remainder of the season with the club's AHL affiliate in Syracuse. Over the next two seasons the young pivot continued to hone his skills in the minors, while seeing occasional work with the Canucks before being claimed by the Carolina Hurricanes in the 2001 Waiver Draft. Upon being claimed by the Hurricanes, Holden went on to play a mere eight games with the club before he was claimed on waivers yet again by this time by Vancouver.
After finishing the 2001-02 season with Vancouver's AHL affiliate in Manitoba, Holden was traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs in the summer of 2002 and over the course of the next two seasons, spent most of his playing time with the club's AHL affiliate in St. John's.
To date, he has only appeared in 60 NHL games, scoring five goals and nine assists.
In 2010, EV Zug 
 of Switzerland's Nationalliga A and Josh Holden announced a long-term contract extension.

Pulled from packs 95 Classic Draft Picks

Back in the day, it was something to pull a numbered autograph from a pack. This one got the special treatment--rookie card snap tite holder.

 But wait, I pulled another auto of the same guy????  These were in a "shoebox" together with other special cards.  But it's now nowhere to be found. Que sera sera.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jan 17--Tim Bernhardt

Tim Bernhardt

Selected by Atlanta Flames round 3 #47 overall 1978 NHL Amateur Draft.

Bernhardt was a standout for three years with the QMJHL's Cornwall Royals. He led the league with a 3.63 goals against average in 1976-77 and was a member of Team Canada at the 1978 World Junior championships. He was also placed on the QMJHL second all-star team in 1976 and the first team in each of the next two seasons. He was constantly placed in the minors since the parent club had Dan Bouchard and Rejean Lemelin.
In 1982-83 he made six appearances for the relocated Calgary Flames but posted a disappointing 0-5-0 record. He joined the AHL's St. Catharines Saints in 1983-84 and wound up winning 25 games and being voted on to the league's second all-star team. Bernhardt was signed as a free agent by the Toronto Maple Leafs in December 1984 when youngsters Ken Wregget and Allan Bester faltered. Considering he had very little defensive support, Bernhardt's 13-19-4 record and 3.74 goals against average were very impressive.
Bernhardt slipped down the depth chart in 1985-86 when Toronto acquired veteran Don Edwards and Ken Wregget's play improved from the previous year. He remained with the Leafs' AHL affiliate until his retirement following the 1989-90 season.

1982-1986Calgary, Toronto6717-36-74.270.866

Received this blue ink signed card TTM.

He also included this blue ink signed postcard.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Jan 16--Another no-show

Second day in a row, 18 players today-NADA. Today Brantford's own Len Hachborn. This is from the summer when I was on holidays and did not post. Just catching up on Sept 4th birthdate.

Len Hachborn

Selected by Philadelphia Flyers round 9 #184 overall 1981 NHL Entry Draft.

He was called up during the 1983-1984 season and played 78 games for the Flyers before being sent down the Hershey Bears during the '84-'85 season. During his stint with the Flyers, he had 16 goals and 38 assists.

Hachborn was sold to the L.A. Kings in 1985 and played 24 games for his new team during the 1985-1986 season before returning to the AHL. He has since played for a number of teams in North America and Europe and was signed by the Phoenix Mustangs in 1999.

Played left wing on line with Wayne Gretzky growing up in Brantford, Ontario. As 10-year-olds, Hachborn and Brian Croley were playing on Gretzky's line when Gretzky scored 378 goals in 84 games. The goalie on that team was former Red Wing Greg Stefan. I knew his brother's (ex) wife so I got these items signed IP--except I wasn't the person that got them. I also got to see the wedding invitation to Gretzky's wedding as they were invited. Gee, guess I should have asked for that.
1983-1986Philadelphia, Los Angeles10220395929

Flyers blue ink signed postcard.

Blue ink signed photo with the Maine Mariners. Back in the days of the Cooperalls.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jan 15--The dreaded "21 players"

Yup, 21 players with today as their birthdate and me, nothing to show. Made it to the middle of the month though so I'm doing pretty good.

I'm just going to throw out some random things on this cold Sunday.

“Enforcers for the Forces”

Enforcers for the Forces hopes to raise $10,000 to $50,000 a week for veterans and their families by raffling off signed, framed posters, shown in this montage.
Starting yesterday, a group of 18 former NHL fighters who call themselves “Enforcers for the Forces” will begin raffling 150 signed and framed photo montages.
The Leafs-Rangers game Saturday at the Air Canada Centre is Canadian Forces appreciation night. This will be promoted during the game, and is also scheduled to be highlighted during the Hockey Night in Canada broadcast.
The enforcers group includes ex-Leaf scrapper Wendel Clark, former Edmonton Oiler Dave Semenko and Joey Kocur. One of the posters will be raffled each week. The group hopes to generate between $10,000 and $50,000 a week.
The money will be donated to the Military Families Fund, founded in 2007 by Canadian general Rick Hillier, and the Soldier On program, which was created in 2010 to support disabled vets.

The raffle’s website is 

"Pizza Time"

So, for this pizza promotion, the specials include The Hat-Trick, The Breakaway and The Overtime. I wonder what Schenner's favourite is. Now, when the grand prize winner has his order personally delivered by Luke, and he spends time with the winner and friends, does he stay and eat your pizza too. Or does he bring his own. Just wondering.
Now, for a look back at advertising from days of yore.
Campbell's Chunky Soup

So this will tie the previous two from above together.
Enforcer + Toronto Maple Leaf=Wendel Clark.
This might have been his first ad for Chunky Soup as I remember a few other TV commercials as well. Expiry date on coupon form is 1991. I never sent away for any of this merchandise but did eat plenty of soup. Hard to believe this is over twenty years old.