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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jan 31--Rick Dudley

I end up the month of January at 26/31 days or 84%. I'm still amazed that  actually have this many autographs. Well one more shortened month and a part month will bring me full circle--one year of birthday posts. But on to today brought to you by

Rick Dudley

Rick Dudley hockey player photo

Not drafted after playing his final year with the St. Catharines Blackhawks of the Ontario Hockey League

Rick Dudley played with grit, tenacity and determination and it was because of these qualities that he managed to fight his way to the NHL, both literally and figuratively. 
Dudley began his playing career with the Buffalo Sabres of the NHL in 1972–73 and played there for three seasons, before switching leagues in 1975–76. He played four seasons in the WHA for the Cincinnati Stingers. On February 4, 1979, Cincinnati traded him to the NHL's Buffalo Sabres, where he remained until the 1980–81 season. During that season, Dudley was released and picked up by the last place Winnipeg Jets on waivers, where he played the remaining 30 games of the season, wearing the number 99.
Dudley is a member of the Cincinnati Hockey Hall of Fame

Received these blue ink signed cards TTM.

He also sent his business card.

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