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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Impetus for 100 Words

Robert @ $30 a week habit provided 5 free cards for a team of your choice. Now for all those who entered, he would like us to write 100 word post on them and be entered into a draw.. As seen below, the envelope and team bag were slit open.. Thankfully, all arrived safely, in all their glory.

71/72 OPC # 43--Face-Off's Billy Duke

91/92 OPC # 79--Captain Crunch

04/05 UD BD # 143--The Eagle

06/07 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion # 182--Bryan McKlutz

15/16 OPC # 405--Nazeem the Dream

That's all she wrote.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

National Hockey Card Day (belatedly)

Hello loyal readers, the few that I have left. You've probably noticed that my posting has been nearly negligible. In Novemnber 2016, my wife and I received our status as a NFP Incorporation. You can find out more hereHearts to Homes Feline Rescue and Sanctuary.

We had been doing this for a year but on our own. This is almost like another fulltime job and keeps me pretty busy. But thats not what you're here for. Saturday February 18 2017 was the annual NHCD here in Canada. I was occupied and couldn't get away in time to my LCS. However, my daughter was staying with us that day so I had her go to Toys R Us and see if she could pick me up the card sheets that were available. She was able to pick up these.

I'm not aware of how many different sheets there are but the complete 15 card set can be found on the first 4 sheets pictured.
 She looked at the checklist but couldn't find CAN-16, CAN-CM, CAN-KC or CAN-ON. She felt kind of bummed out about that. She felt a lot lot better when I explained they weren't available on the sheets.

I'm still collecting and reading all my favourite blogs.

And miraculousy, I'll have another post in the next day or two.