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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Number 500 --NHL Alumni Tour Brantford 2013

The title says it all. This is my 500th post. It's going to be a long but hopefully fun read.
 I attended the NHL Alumni Tour in Brantford on Saturday night.

My wife was able to obtain a pair of VIP passes for the event. We were also scheduled to go to a turkey roll with a bunch of our friends. My wife still went so I was able to take another autograph hound with me.

At the turkey roll, my wife was able to pick up this. 2012 Special Edition Winter Classic double mini-net and shooter tutor set.
My friend was at the Leaf game against Nashville on Thursday and picked this poster schedule up for me.
Here's the program for the game that was in support of the Special Olympics.

The only signature I didn't get was guest coach Stan Jonathon.
Now, here's last nights haul.
Brantford's Lord Mayor and Ambassador of the NHL Alumni Team, Walter Gretzky. He signed throughout the game and multiples. I only asked for one but he kept asking to sign more for me. I got a few more and he got up and hugged me, saying he appreciated I wasn't too greedy. That's Wally for you.
Guest Referee, Dave Hutchison
I already had signed cards of him and wrote about it here.
I did a custom card but the print job smeared.
Mike Pelyk
I already had signed cards of him and wrote about it here.
I got this custom index card and autograph sheet given out at the gate.

Brent Gretzky
Others from my collection here
I got one more signed.
Rick Vaive
my earliest Vaive auto
Got this wire photo signed.
Bill Derlago
I have his cards signed which I'll post in the future.
So I got this custom photo signed
X 2
Dan Daoust
Again I have his cards signed but haven't posted as of yet.
I got this custom photo signed plus these wire photos.

While signing these, he was reminiscing along with Tom Fergus. He even asked Tom if he recognized the linesman in one of the shots.
Tom Fergus
I've already got a lot of his cards signed so opted for the wire photos.

Mark Napier
Needed the 84/85 OPC one for the set I'm working on. When signing it, he said it was bringing back bad memories. Signing the wire photo from when he was Buffalo elicited a more favourable comment.
Matthew Barnaby
Got these two cards signed. Told him I'd probably see him later in the season. He's playing for the Dundas Real McCoys in the Senior A loop
Mike Krushelnyski
Also needed the OPC 84/85 card. He graciously signed all the cards I brought and some wire photos. I have duplicates of most wire photos and ask the player if they would like one. He was the first to say yes and I provided him with a couple. He asked if I wanted it personalized. Of course, says I.

Mark LaForest
He signed this card and wire photo. He said looked like he was laying a beating on Sean Burke. He also took a few wire photo
Marty McSorley
He signed  a few cards for me and a wirephoto. We also talked about kids, mainly how his kids keep him hopping and how my grandkids do the same. He shook my hand and appreciated me coming out for the event.
I found out on the Law Enforcement Allstars team was  Kelli Corpse.
Drafted by Montreal Canadiens 
  round 2 #44 overall 1992 NHL Entry Draft


The VIP pass got you into the after party. Much easier to talk to the players and get autographs. It's a more relaxing atmosphere and you get to chat with most of them.
One thing with the wire photos is that you get a nice large signature.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fall Breaks and Back to Winter (Woody Woodpecker Symphony)

Well, at least it feels like winter. I went to go pick up the mail and almost tripped over a box on the doorstep. Fed-Ex box just sitting there. It was the unopened box of 2013 Panini Beach Boys trading cards that I won. You can read info on it here.  Now I'm a fairweather Beach Boys fan and am ambivalent on opening this. So I'm going to offer this for $50.00 plus some help for shipping (depending on where you are). If not, I'll probably open it as a Christmas gift. With my luck, maybe there'll be a Brian Wilson autograph.

One of the things I do miss about working in downtown Toronto is the autograph opportunities (no, not Rob Ford). Today, my bud had the opportunity to get a signature from "Avatar/Maple Leaf Missile"  Milos Raonic.

And I'm still working on the mask. Pics to follow soon.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

When one door closes, another opens

How apropos that this quote is from Alexander Graham Bell, who lived a lot of his life right here in Brantford. I was entered in Nachos Grande contest and knocked out in the first round. The elimination rounds continue and you can read about it here.
So, I wasn't really looking for anything but opportunity knocked. Since I'm working from home now, I have more time free time (not really, the three hours I don't commute is taken up with other things). I was on Twitter one morning and saw this tweet

CALLING ALL SPORTS ARTISTS! Bernie Parent wants YOU to design and paint a custom goalie mask to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Philadelphia Flyers first Stanley Cup win!

We will accept SERIOUS inquiries only by October 25th, 2013. The first 25 entries that will be accepted must send their name, address, and contact information to We will be sending you a full-size, Bernie Parent replica goalie mask, with one side left blank for you to expand on your artistic ideas.

It was the last day and they were still short a couple of entrants. Quick e-mail  and voila. I am a contestant. After the problems with CSBA and customs, I got my mask today with the accompanying letter.


Full sized replica mask
I post updates on my progress. I hope you check out the site Only the Lord saves more and vote for me (starting Dec 18th) if you deem my entry worthy. The winner gets  meet and greet with Bernie plus an autographed jersey and stick.
And the good news continues. I got an e-mail from Tracy at Panini. I left a comment and won an unopened box of 2013 The Beach Boys.  I'll post my box break unless someone wants to buy this from me. Looks like I'm gonna have Fun Fun Fun since I'm feeling good vibrations.

Panini America 2013 The Beach Boys Teaser (1)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

2013 Ottawa senators 99 card set

Unfortunately, we're not talking the Ottawa Senators hockey team.
Time for a Canadian history lesson here.

Senators are usually affiliated with a political party. The Government caucus is formed by the senators affiliated with the governing party in the House of Commons. The Opposition caucus is formed by the non-government party with the most seats in the Senate. (This means that the Official Opposition in the House of Commons and the Senate may be different parties.) Senators may also choose to sit as independents.
Senators are appointed by the Governor General of Canada on the advice of the Prime Minister according to geographical divisions set out by the Constitution Act, 1867. They must own property and live in the geographical division for which they are appointed. Although originally named for life, senators now serve until the age of 75.

The federal NDP is immortalizing members of the current Senate.
in a set of 99 Ottawa senator hockey cards as part of the "Senate Hall of Shame."

VIA Twitter

The tongue-in-cheek cards include a photo of the senator with party affiliation and career stats.
It lists both the appointment and scheduled retirement date and the total estimated cost to Canadians based on the amount of salary and office expenses the senators would get during their time in public office.
There's also a brief bio.
Here is one of the "stars" of the set
Jeff McIntosh/The Canadian Press

“This former journalist scored the scoop of a lifetime when Stephen Harper appointed him in 2008. He was a constant on the Conservative fundraising circuit, but one place you won’t find him much is in Prince Edward Island, the province he claims to represent,” 

Total cost to Canadians $1,853,381
Hundreds of the cards are initially being printed but thousands will be added if the demand is there.
Well, I just e-mailed to see if I can get a set of these. Will have to see what happens.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Shameless Plug

The Nachos Grande contest I'm involved in has the voting opened, and there are two days left to vote. Please! Head to Nachos Grande, find Group B's poll on the sidebar, and vote for me (Al). It would be greatly appreciated as I'm way behind.