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Friday, August 30, 2013

He shoots.......he scores

A personal item from my collection. My daughters had one of those personalized cartoons made for me for Christmas The  Goal by..Daddy  framed drawing is dated 8/87. This was a precursor to my hockey season that year as I did score only ONE goal. Immortalized forever.

A buddy of mine went to the 19th Fan Expo Canada last weekend. This year, they added a sports element to it. He got his San Francisco 49'ers helmet signed and got his personalized card made at the Upper Deck booth

I had him autograph a copy for me.
And Daniel, over at Its like having my own card shop is having a contest of sorts. Check it out here.
If any of my followers enter, it will be interesting to read what they write down.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Boyd’s Hockey Card Guide


Dug this out the other day from my collection of miscellaneous stuff. Back in the day, there weren’t a lot of magazines / price guides  for the hockey collector. Anything new was met with joy and happiness.


Here we have the premiere edition Vol 1 No 1 Boyd’s Hockey Card Guide. I was not familiar with the name but it was a price guide.


Here is the introductory page letting us, the reader, know what was in store for us. It was pretty neat that they had team listings for each year and card company.


Here is a random page under the alphabetical player listing. I remember using it mainly to confirm RC’s for players. I also used it to see which cards were available for a player that I would send TTM for autographs.

But with no content to read, it was just a rehash of prices from other publications. Sadly, or not, I never ever saw Vol1 No 2 . It appears they had price guides for other sports and collectibles. This is the only one I ever saw and kept for posterity. (or as the wife says, keeping junk)

Friday, August 16, 2013


One more signature I got at Hockey Night in Brantford. I had it scanned in earlier but neglected to add to yesterday’s post.



Brantford’s own David Hearn. I had read that this PGA golfer was going to be there. Lo and behold, there he is looking at the trophy display, along with his wife and young daughter. He was somewhat impressed that I had made a card of him to be signed. After signing, I shook his hand and wished him well. No one else was around him and he walked out of the arena. I’m not a big golf fan (unlike my son in law) and I probably would not have recognized him. But the heads up beforehand had me on alert and it paid off.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

100000 dollars

That’s the final tally raised for the Brant United Way in yesterdays Hockey Night in Brantford game. What a huge success. I’ve got lots to show here from my experience at the game.



Game program



Team rosters (Team Henrique beat Team Dalpe 9-6 but the real winner was Brant United Way)



One of the displays was put on by RBC Royal Bank. They had a display with a target shooting game. The person who hit all nine sections in the lowest time won an autographed Steven Stamkos jersey.



Unfortunately, as an employee, I was ineligible to win.


Going into the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre (where the game was played), there was a display from the HHOF.



Booth where you could get a photo made of yourself in hockey equipment.



        Hart Memorial Trophy (League MVP)  Vezina Trophy (League’s top goalie)    


                             034       039              

Display booths



Team Canada (mens) display--(Bobby Orr game issued jersey, Doug Gilmour game worn jersey, Mike Gartner stick, Paul Henderson 1972 pants and signed Team Canada 72 hoodie, Gilbert Perrault 72 equipment bag))


Wayne Gretzky display—(Gretzky game worn Blues and Rangers jerseys, 2000 point puck, skates worn as a ten year old, owners award leading scorer plaque and game used stick)


More Team Canada (mens)—(Sidney Crosby game worn jersey, Jarome Iginla game worn gloves, and since I didn’t write anything down, I don’t recall the rest)


Team  Canada (womens) display—(Cherie piper game worn jersey, Hayley Wickenheiser game worn jersey, Becky Kellar gloves, Jayna Hefford stick, helmet and socks, game used goal scoring pucks)



Commemorative pick given to all attendees


We’re getting to the end folks. Post game autograph signing. Now there was no communication on how this would happen. I stood outside the dressing room hallway hoping to get a signature from whomever emerged from the bowels of the rink. After chasing down a few players, I found out that there was a table set up for an autograph session with Adam Henrique, Zac Dalpe, Nick Spaling and Kory Nagy). Now the dilemma. Do I get in line or do I wait in the hallway. Common sense tells me get in line. Glad I did. They cut the line off after I got in. At least, this would guarantee me those player’s autographs.

Here’s my haul for the evening.



At the RBC Royal Bank booth, I also received these mini-sticks. Had two signed by former WHA and NHL player Pat Hickey. Since I already had all his cards signed Pat Hickey, this was the perfect item as he is an IA with RBC Dominion Securities.


With the roster known in advance, I took the opportunity to make some CIC’s.



Three of Brantford and area female hockey players who have played at a higher level of competition. Obtained 2 of each.. Had a chance to talk with Emma’s grandmother and chatting with the boy friends of Sammy and Sarah.



Former WHA and NHL’er Paul MacKinnon. Obtained 2 signatures.


After about a 1/2 hour wait, I finally reached the autograph table and warned to only get one item signed.



Adam Henrique and Nick Spaling 11/12 Score cards.


Since I was at the end of the line, I also got these.






The players had these 8 x 10’s they were signing.




And in Brantford, no event is complete without the Lord Mayor, Walter Gretzky. He signed my generic index card with the puck image. I carry these around in case I happen to meet a former player so I have something to get signed. And Walter had his imprinted pad of paper to sign. Since I was the last person, he kept asking me if I wanted more autographs. So i got ones for my wife and two grand daughters.

All in all, a great night was had for $10.00. Can’t wait for next year.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Upper Deck Celebrates 1967 Maple Leafs With Special Box Set

From March 2007 The 1966-67 Toronto Maple Leafs hold a special place in the hearts of fans old enough to remember watching them play. Believe it or not, that team was the last one from Canada's largest city to win the Stanley Cup, and the 2007 season marks the 40th anniversary of that accomplishment. Upper Deck has come up with a special set of hockey cards to pay tribute to that historic squad - a box set with a print run of 10,000 total sets. According to Upper Deck's press release, all of the box sets will come with 29 regular cards and one checklist card wrapped in cello. The first 1,000 sets will come with a numbered, oversized card and will be distributed in March at the '67 Leaf Tribute Dinner. The rest of the sets will have a non-numbered oversized card, but will also have one memorabilia card - an autograph, stick or jersey card - and will be sold in commemorative retail blaster boxes. The remaining 9,000 box sets will contain 29 regular cards and one checklist card wrapped in clear cello, one memorabilia card (autograph, jersey, or stick cards), and a non-numbered oversized card all packaged in a commemorative retail blaster box.
1 Bob Baun
2 Johnny Bower
3 John Brennemman
4 Wayne Carleton
5 Brian Conacher
6 Kent Douglas
7 Ron Ellis
8 Aut Erickson
9 Bob Haggert
10 Larry Hillman
11 Tim Horton
12 Larry Jeffrey
13 Red Kelly
14 Dave Keon
15 Frank Mahovlich
16 Frank Mahovlich/Red Kelly
17 Milan Marcetta
18 Jim McKenny
19 Jim Pappin
20 Marcel Pronovost
21 Bob Pulford
22 Terry Sawchuk
23 Brit Selby
24 Eddie Shack
25 Allan Stanley
26 Pete Stemkowski
27 Mike Walton
28 Group Photo
29 Victory Parade
30 Johnny Bower (Checklist)

3.5 x 5 C-Card Box Topper
ML67 Group Photo

Autograph Cards
A-BB1 Bob Baun
A-BB2 Bob Baun
A-BC1 Brian Conacher
A-BC2 Brian Conacher
A-BP1 Bob Pulford
A-BP2 Bob Pulford
A-ES1 Eddie Shack
A-ES2 Eddie Shack
A-JB1 Johnny Bower
A-JB2 Johnny Bower
A-LJ1 Larry Jeffrey
A-LJ2 Larry Jeffrey
A-RE1 Ron Ellis
A-RE2 Ron Ellis
A-RK1 Red Kelly
A-RK2 Red Kelly

Event-Worn Jersey Cards
J-ES Eddie Shack
J-JB Johnny Bower
Game-Used Stick Cards

S-DK Dave Keon Bobby Baun
S-FM Frank Mahovlich
Last year around this time, I got the following cards signed IP from a fellow board member at hockeydb
Now I received Mr. Bower’s autograph TTM in 1985. You can read about it here. Johnny Bower
Now I received Mr. Baun’s autograph IP in the 80’s. You can read about it here. Bobby Baun
Now, if you could provide provenance, should an autograph be worth more if it was signed during the player’s playing days or shortly after he retired. Have you ever paid more when you’ve had a choice? It’s something that just popped into my head, I don’t know if this has been discussed before anywhere. ( in case you’re wondering, I wouldn’t pay a premium). Your thoughts would be most welcome.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Gretzky trade---25 years ago

It w as 25 years ago today thta arguably the biggest trade in NHL history was done.
Watch the press conference here
Read some of the original newspaper reports here.
88/89 OPC #120
88/89 Topps #120
Too lazy to get my copies so here are images of Gretzky’s first L.A.Kings card. If my memory serves me correctly, Gretzky will not sign the Topps version. He signed one on the back for his daughter, Paulina, and apparently has signed no more.
At the time, Wayne and Janet were staying in Los Angeles after getting married. On trade day, Bruce McNall called the home and the owners son answered. Bruce asked to speak to Wayne and the boy said he didn’t think he could get Wayne to the phone. McNall insisted and Wayne did talk with Bruce. What ever happened to that boy? Well the lines are blurred on that but the boy was Robin Thicke. Wayne and Janet were living at his friend Alan Thicke’s place. And now you know another useless piece of information.
Gretzky's trade to L.A. 25 years ago still creating ripple effect

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It’s happening in……Brantford

There’s a couple of things making news in Brantford recently. The first is old news (about a week old)


Wayne Gretzky stick fetches over $38K at auction

Stick used to score 1,000th lifetime goal


The hockey stick that a 13-year-old Wayne Gretzky used to score the 1,000th goal of his lifetime sold for $38,838 US at a recent sports memorabilia auction in Chicago. You can read the story below. I don’t think I would spend my money on this (if I had it). I am curious who the winning bidder is. I wonder if we’ll ever find out.

Gretzky 1000 goal stick


Next up.

The second annual Hockey Night in Brantford next Wednesday, August 14th.

Patterned after the annual Hockey Night Games in Barrie, Peterborough, Owen Sound and St. Catharines, the Brantford Game will mix NHL Players, Minor Hockey Players, MP's and celebrities into a celebration of our community's hockey heritage - The Homecoming Game.

Current Brantford hometown NHL players and those who have gone on to play at hockey's highest levels will be asked to play an integral role along with national and local sponsors in the community's first annual Hockey Night in Brantford.

The world knows that Brantford has a rich hockey history, with many current and former NHL players who will be invited to play in the homecoming game. This event is a great opportunity to raise funds to be put back into the community and an opportunity to showcase the new Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre.

The real winner will be The Brant United Way who will receive 100% of all proceeds raised.

All will be invited to share in the Homecoming Game at the newly constructed Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre which will host the event on Wednesday, August 14, 2013, with Opening Ceremonies at 6:45 pm, Homecoming Game at 7:00pm.

5:00pm - Doors Open
5:30pm - Brant County Sledge Hockey Demo
6:45pm - Opening Ceremonies

Also check out:
- Hockey Hall of Fame display
- Zamboni display
- RBC Shoot Out Challenge


“Local “ boys Adam Henrique and Zac Dalpe will be opposing team captains. So far, former NHLer’s include Pat and Greg Hickey, Jay Wells, Paul MacKinnon, Tom Fergus and Dan Gratton.

Nick Spaulding of the Nashville Predators and Kory Nagy, drafted by the New Jersey Devils and currently playing in the ECHL have just been added.

I should be able to attend this year as I was unable to attend last year’s inaugural game.

Link to Facebook page for this event

Hockey Night in Brantford


Number three



Donation page here

In front of the newly renovated Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre, there will be a bronze monument to stand outside paying tribute to Brantford’s most famous family.  The monument will feature the Great One lifting the Stanley Cup in celebration as a member of the Edmonton Oilers, with smaller, life-sized statues of a young Wayne – sporting a Gordie Howe jersey – his father, Walter, and mother, Phyllis, looking up toward Wayne’s successful future.

With more than $300,000 of a $500,000 fundraising goal raised, the statue should be finished and installed in time for the Gretzky centre’s grand opening celebration, scheduled for Sept. 29.


And finally, it was confirmed yesterday that


It's going to be a GREAT grand opening


Wayne Gretzky will help officially open the newly redeveloped sports centre that carries his name on Sept. 29.

His attendance was confirmed during an event held Tuesday afternoon announcing the main elements of the program for the grand opening, scheduled to run from noon to 6 p.m.

"Gretzky will be a part of the opening ceremony scheduled for 3 p.m., which will include the unveiling of the Gretzky Project statue of him with the Stanley Cup facing life-sized statues of a younger self with his parents

Here's a schedule of events for the grand opening of the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre on Sept. 29

• noon, multi-faith blessing

• 12:30 p.m., community Zumba class

• 1 p.m., Steven Branchaud performs

• 1 p.m., free skate with the Brantford Jr. B 99ers in Rink 1

• 2 p.m., Harvest Moon performs

• 3 p.m., opening ceremonies

• 4 p.m., Jully Black performs

• 4 p.m., free skate with the Brantford Blast in Rink 1

Throughout the day:

• Brantford & Area Sports Hall of Recognition

• Pools, gymnasium and running track open

• Tours of the facilities, running every half-hour

• Ferris wheel rides


Will definitely be attending this.


Kind of a long post. But there is a lot going on.








Thursday, August 1, 2013

Birthday part three or its finally over

Well, after part deux, I thought that my gifts were all done. Apparently not or I wouldn’t be posting this. Now my youngest daughter (who went to all the trouble to set up everything), has a contact with the Blue Jays. That’s how she got tickets. We were also tentatively scheduled for a quick introduction to Casey Janssen. But he came in to pitch an inning so wasn’t available. My daughter’s friend did come through with something as compensation. Now adding to my collection:

Item Number 1: Official MLB baseball from the bullpen. Not autographed or anything but scuffed up and shows some wear.




Item Number 2: Lineup card from the bullpen for July 6th game vs the Twins (6-0 loss from Dickey). I love this unique items that find their way into my collection. Even though I have no way of authenticating either item, it’s not like I’m going to sell them. I know what they are and the story behind them.That’s what matters to me.




Even though my focus is mainly hockey, I do collect anything sports related. Cards, magazines, posters oddball items. I have them all. As I say to my wife

Welcome to my nightmare.