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Friday, August 9, 2013

Gretzky trade---25 years ago

It w as 25 years ago today thta arguably the biggest trade in NHL history was done.
Watch the press conference here
Read some of the original newspaper reports here.
88/89 OPC #120
88/89 Topps #120
Too lazy to get my copies so here are images of Gretzky’s first L.A.Kings card. If my memory serves me correctly, Gretzky will not sign the Topps version. He signed one on the back for his daughter, Paulina, and apparently has signed no more.
At the time, Wayne and Janet were staying in Los Angeles after getting married. On trade day, Bruce McNall called the home and the owners son answered. Bruce asked to speak to Wayne and the boy said he didn’t think he could get Wayne to the phone. McNall insisted and Wayne did talk with Bruce. What ever happened to that boy? Well the lines are blurred on that but the boy was Robin Thicke. Wayne and Janet were living at his friend Alan Thicke’s place. And now you know another useless piece of information.
Gretzky's trade to L.A. 25 years ago still creating ripple effect

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  1. Back in 1988... I didn't collect hockey cards. But I remember that I wanted that Topps card of him holding the Kings jersey. Epic moment in sports history.