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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Birthday part three or its finally over

Well, after part deux, I thought that my gifts were all done. Apparently not or I wouldn’t be posting this. Now my youngest daughter (who went to all the trouble to set up everything), has a contact with the Blue Jays. That’s how she got tickets. We were also tentatively scheduled for a quick introduction to Casey Janssen. But he came in to pitch an inning so wasn’t available. My daughter’s friend did come through with something as compensation. Now adding to my collection:

Item Number 1: Official MLB baseball from the bullpen. Not autographed or anything but scuffed up and shows some wear.




Item Number 2: Lineup card from the bullpen for July 6th game vs the Twins (6-0 loss from Dickey). I love this unique items that find their way into my collection. Even though I have no way of authenticating either item, it’s not like I’m going to sell them. I know what they are and the story behind them.That’s what matters to me.




Even though my focus is mainly hockey, I do collect anything sports related. Cards, magazines, posters oddball items. I have them all. As I say to my wife

Welcome to my nightmare.

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