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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Birthday, Part Deux

The rest of my birthday present happened this past Sunday. As part of the combined Father’s Day/birthday present, my youngest daughter treated me to a baseball game. This is the daughter that I coached in baseball for 10 + years. She enjoys and understands the game which makes it all the more fun. Now the nitty gritty.




Minnesota Twins vs Toronto Blue Jays


The day started out with me receiving my first gift.



Brett Lawrie jersey.



Free samples of Spitz sunflower seeds.


And look who the spokesperson is. Coincidence. I think not.


Cover Photo


This was also J.P. Arencibia Bobblehead Doll Day.





Photo a little fuzzy but bobbleheads all look alike (nod of head)







July 7, 2013 Blue Jays.jpg




Some photos of the game and me and the daughter.


Good day overall.


New jersey. Check.

Free seeds. Check.

Bobblehead doll. Check

Jays win. Check.(Todd Redmond;s first W in the bigs)

Colby Rasmus homers. Check.

(my daughter has a bet that Colby will hit 25 homers this year. He’s now at 16.

She had the same bet last year but he stumbled through the second half and ended up with 23)

Food. Check (went our for a post game meal)

I’m ready for the next one. Hope someone is listening.

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  1. Sounds like the perfect Father's Day/birthday present.