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Monday, July 30, 2012

What's the most you have ever spent on a single sports related item?

So asketh the Great Fuji.

That's an easy question. I think I posted about this before but can't find it. 84/85 OPC hockey. This was sometime in 1985. 1 case of 16 boxes for $36.00. Now most of my purchases consist of single packs and garage sale "finds" ( a la my previous post) Of ccourse, I was buying Gretzky RC's for $5.00 back in the day. Just can't seem to find the finger to pull the  trigger on spending $$$$$$$

Worst hockey card set

1991-92 Ultimate hockey

This 90-card set was released to commemorate the first-round draft picks and was the first set ever released under the Ultimate Trading Card  Co brand.  On Las Vegas Boulevard, a street better known simply as ``the Strip`` sat a sports memorabilia store, Smokey`s Baseball Card Shop( Smokey Scheinman), across the street from the Aladdin Hotel & Casino. You can read this story here,

Anyhow back to the question at hand.

An assortment of the great cards in this set.

I don't remember what I paid for the first set but I picked up 6 sets at a garage sale for 25 cents each.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm a collector, I couldn't leave it if I tried

Fuji, here it is.

Besides my sports memorabilia, (which encompasses all things sports), I also collect celebrity autographs. Now its mostly sending e-mail requests (its free and I'm frugal) found on autograph address sites. I would like to collect more but my wife doesn't have  the collector mentality. Like when I get SI delivered on Thursday, she's ready for it to go into recycling on Friday. I see value in everything. We used to have a day where people could put out unwanted things and anybody could pick up anything that caught their fancy. Along with the sports stuff, I picked up a guitar amp, some paintings, and various tchotchkes. Most of these are gone as we have moved a few times and they get found and thrown out. As long as she doesn't read this, I still have a few things hidden away that haven't been discovered. YET

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Air condition=worst condition

57/58 Topps # 37 Tom McCarthy

1957 Topps 37 Tom McCarthy
Fuji is asking to see our worst condition card. There appears to be a few ink marks on the back of my copy. A couple of creases on the front. Two soft corners.Plus a little air conditioning makes this my entry.

This was in a group of vintage cards I bought. The others somehow weren't as bad as this.

Wonder where this was hanging up.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Drew's Contest Link, a Thanks and the Cup

Some great prizes at Drewscards.

Also, another reason why I love the blogging community. In my post of July 3, I opined about lost autograph opportunities during the week and not being able to go. One of my regular readers (and Hockey DB member) e-mailed me and said he would be able to go and get them for me. I still have to pick my Bower and Baun autographs form UD's 40th aniiversary 1967 Leaf set.

Norfolk natives John Stevens and Nelson Emerson celebrate with the Stanley Cup following the LA Kings' six-game victory over the New Jersey Devils in the NHL finals. Stevens – who grew up in Turkey Point – served as an assistant coach while Emerson – a Waterford native and former Kings forward – headed up the organization’s player development team.

And a possible autograph signing I CAN go to during the week. I'll be on holidays from work the weeks of July 23 and 30. On July 30th, the Stanley Cup will make an appearance in nearby Norfolk county. L.A Kings assistant coach John Stevens (from Turkey Point) and Nelson Emerson (from Waterford)-both in Norfolk county--will have their Day with the Cup. Nothing has been finalised at this time on the details of the celebration but I'll probably make the trip. Hopefully the temperatures will be cooler by then. Right now and for the past few weeks, its been HOT HOT HOT. Glad I work indoors.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I have three balls, Fuji

I only have three balls---partly signed AL ball by Toronto Blue Jays and partly signed AL ball be California Angels--obtained IP during the early 80's--third one was a team signed ball by the girls rep baseball team I coached---good memories and like you, Fuji, PRICELESS
as Confucius says baseball very funny game; man can walk on 4 balls.