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Monday, July 30, 2012

What's the most you have ever spent on a single sports related item?

So asketh the Great Fuji.

That's an easy question. I think I posted about this before but can't find it. 84/85 OPC hockey. This was sometime in 1985. 1 case of 16 boxes for $36.00. Now most of my purchases consist of single packs and garage sale "finds" ( a la my previous post) Of ccourse, I was buying Gretzky RC's for $5.00 back in the day. Just can't seem to find the finger to pull the  trigger on spending $$$$$$$


  1. equipment, Demarini softball bat, 100 bucks...

  2. $180 on an NHL Authentic Crosby Winter Classic Sweater.

  3. Gretzky RCs went from about $5 to about $12 to $150 in a real hurry. Darned 90s...

  4. $36 for a case of 84/85 OPC hockey? You're my hero... and I'm not worthy!