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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Tis the Season

 I haven't been as prolific a blogger the last few years. I went from daily to monthly to whenever. The last few years has been busy. Besides my full time job, my wife and I run a registered non-profit cat rescue. This has taken up most of my spare time and resources. I still buy a pack here and there to help scratch the itch.(not of the cat scratch fever type). Finally getting around to posting the package I received from Jeff at 2 x 3 Heroes. He found the package he was sending to me from 2016. Sitting back and looking at this card goodness is RELAXING. I get to see stuff that I missed while adding to my collection

Four nice bricks of cards

15/16 Champs--Since I had none of these, all keepers. The almost all white card makes for a nice clean look.

16/17 UD S1. A few Leafs, some stars, hometown boy. Usual great UD photo selection.

And an unexpected bonus. Toronto Maple Leafs Zamboni and card (it's blurry but maybe a good thing as the card is Vesa Toskala. This is going with my other Leaf  stuff on one of the bookcases.

I picked this up around noon and had to wait until after 10 to finally open the package. Worth the wait and was a great time.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

National Hockey Card Day 2018

Made my annual pilgrimage to Toys R Us to pick up some card sheets. I was busy yesterday and couldn't make it and was glad there were some still available today. The lady behind the counter was going to give me just one but I asked if I could get enough sheets so I could have all the cards. She must have helped people yesterday as she knew how to get he ones I needed. And now, here they are.

Now another years wait.