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Saturday, November 2, 2013

2013 Ottawa senators 99 card set

Unfortunately, we're not talking the Ottawa Senators hockey team.
Time for a Canadian history lesson here.

Senators are usually affiliated with a political party. The Government caucus is formed by the senators affiliated with the governing party in the House of Commons. The Opposition caucus is formed by the non-government party with the most seats in the Senate. (This means that the Official Opposition in the House of Commons and the Senate may be different parties.) Senators may also choose to sit as independents.
Senators are appointed by the Governor General of Canada on the advice of the Prime Minister according to geographical divisions set out by the Constitution Act, 1867. They must own property and live in the geographical division for which they are appointed. Although originally named for life, senators now serve until the age of 75.

The federal NDP is immortalizing members of the current Senate.
in a set of 99 Ottawa senator hockey cards as part of the "Senate Hall of Shame."

VIA Twitter

The tongue-in-cheek cards include a photo of the senator with party affiliation and career stats.
It lists both the appointment and scheduled retirement date and the total estimated cost to Canadians based on the amount of salary and office expenses the senators would get during their time in public office.
There's also a brief bio.
Here is one of the "stars" of the set
Jeff McIntosh/The Canadian Press

“This former journalist scored the scoop of a lifetime when Stephen Harper appointed him in 2008. He was a constant on the Conservative fundraising circuit, but one place you won’t find him much is in Prince Edward Island, the province he claims to represent,” 

Total cost to Canadians $1,853,381
Hundreds of the cards are initially being printed but thousands will be added if the demand is there.
Well, I just e-mailed to see if I can get a set of these. Will have to see what happens.


  1. Interesting non-sport set. Wish they'd make one for US politicians.

    1. hope there's no parallel versions to chase-I can add these to your card in my non-sport oddball collection

    2. Lol... I'm hanging with royalty!