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Monday, January 23, 2012

Jan 23--Jaroslav Pouzar

Jaroslav Pouzar

Selected by Edmonton Oilers round 4 #83 overall 1982 NHL Entry Draft.

Pouzar came over in 1982, and was expected to finally fill the hole on Wayne Gretzky's and Jari Kurri's left wing. However there was a small problem. Pouzar, who was a veteran of international hockey at age 30, had trouble adapting to the Oilers style of play, which differed greatly from his many years of training in Czechoslovakia.
Pouzar also had tremendous difficulty adjusting to North American life as well. He spoke next to no English and was undoubtedly homesick for much of his stay in the NHL.
Pouzar returned to Europe for the 1985-86 season, playing in Germany, where he would stay until finishing his career some 6 years later.
Pouzar did make a brief reappearance in the NHL in 1987. At the completion of the German League schedule, Pouzar rejoined the Oilers for their Cup run. He played in 12 games plus 5 more in the playoffs.


The Cakovec, Czechoslovakia native is a six-time member of the Czechoslovakian World European Championship team (two gold, three silver and two bronze medals), a two-time member of its Olympic team and a two-time Canada Cup participant.


Received these blue ink signed card TTM.

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