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Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 10

Again, no scans to post of someone from todays birthday list. Two days in a row. Maybe a streak in the other direction.

Now the regular season is over and my Leafs are as they say, on hiatus. Which team am I going to follow on their Quest for the Holy Grail. Let's see

1) ABM (anyone but Montreal)--enough said
2) Canadian team--guess it's Vancouver
3) Original Six team--Chicago  -With Fan appreciation day Sunday vs Detroit, they have a drawing, details below from their site: Love to win this

Click on the link below (after the jump) and fill out the entry form, and you will be entered to win a puck signed by either Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Marian Hossa or Brent Seabrook! Contest closes Sunday at noon Central.

Depending on Sunday's outcome, Chicago may play Vancouver and then after the first round, I may only have one favourite left.

As mentioned in a previous post, with three daughters and two grand-daughters, I have no male offspring to take over my collection. The girls are not REALLY interested in this stuff. Just after Christmas, I wanted to see if t here was a market for anything I had.  Would there be any collectors that would appreciate these items?

One of the items was a 63/64 Toronto Maple Leaf information book. A collector/buyer was interested. He also bought some paper back books, programs and advertising pieces. He drove
   63.34 kilometres (39.36 miles) to pick up in person. He was happy to obtain these items and I was happy with his price. I have sold a few other things. Makes me sad as I recall how I obtained these things. There's a good story behind everything. Does anyone else feel the same way? I guess as a collector and not an investor, you develop an attachment that is hard to break. But that being said, I suppose anything that is posted here (and items that have yet to be posted) is available. Let me know if you are interested in anything and see what can be done. Oh, the pain of it all. Maybe I have taken a head shot, have a concussion and don't know what I'm doing.
Of course, I still unintentionally acquire cards. I was at a party and one of the guys knew I collected, so he gave me a plain brown paper bag with some cards in it. I'll show a few of them below.

These were mostly in penny sleeves and top loaders. All told, probably another 50 cards ( Dionne, Lafleur, Bossy etc). You can never tell when the Card Gods will smile on you.

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  1. Al, you can adopt me if you need an heir to the 'Kazi Collection. Plus, my name is close (S + AL) enough to be a distant relative or something, right?

    All kidding aside, if you want to trade some of those early OPC cards, I'm actually trying to build sets of 70-71 and 71-72 OPC.

    Every collector eventually sells some of their collection. I've collected so many things. Was big into toys from 1992 to 2007. Sold off a bunch of my Japanese robot toys in 2007. My friends thought I'd lost my mind. I realized that I had too much stuff, not enough space, and that my collection(s) needed focus.

    Hence my current focus on just hockey. I've never regretted buying a hockey card. Ever.