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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sheets Schultz and Leafs

"The Zero Tolerance approach to Collation" (with a nod to Lynne Truss)

Hockey Day in Canada has come and gone for another year. Leafs beat the Canadiens Saturday night so all is well at the centre of the hockey universe. For the events I wrote about in my previous post, I didn't get to Hockey Day in Brant. I also didn't make it to any card shops to pick up free packs from  UD's National Hockey Card Day promotion. But I did manage to get to Toys R' Us and get the special 8 card sheets. Before I saw them all, I was wondering how the sheets would be printed. With 8 cards (plus checklist card) on a sheet and twenty cards in the set, the math doesn't add up correctly. Two complete sheets (16) and with 4 cards on the third sheet, what would make up the other four spots. Ad cards promoting other UD products? Perhaps promo cards ?  Maybe special offer cards of some kind. No. They printed at least four different sheets before you could get a full set. This leaves 12 extra cards that would be duplicates.

Here they are in all their uncut glory.

Sheet 1 front and back

Sheet 2 front and back-- Schultz

Sheet 3 front and back

Sheet 4 front and back --and a Leafs

I'll take this collation every time. 4 Gretzkys 2 Orrs 2 Crosbys.I see on the bay there is one sheet for sale with a BIN of $9.99. Hooray.
 I keep my record intact of one set from each of the six years the promotion has run.

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