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Sunday, October 29, 2017

An Evening with Gretzky

Brent, that is. My post on my Evening with The Great One is forthcoming. I was just waiting for the final outcome. (you'll understand when I post it)

Anyhow, last night was the annual NHL Alumni vs Law Enforcement team. The usual suspects were there. Mark LaForest, Dan Daoust, Dave McLlwain, Bryan Muir and Dave Hutchison.

Ones that have only appeared the last couple of years include Mark Napier, Tiger Williams, Owen Nolan and Jay Wells.

And let's not forget the bus driver, equipment guy and trainer. Former Maple Leafs and Team Canada 72 trainer Joe Sgro. He was pretty amazed that I knew who he was and had something for him to sign.

Not previously announced but on the roster for the night were Glen Metropolit and Ryan Vandenbussche. I guess they were doing things a bit differently this year. I was late getting there, during the first period intermission. Somehow, I found myself in the line-up to get autographs in the dressing room. I didn't have a lot of time in there so that's all I obtained. Not bad for 20 minutes though.  Stay tuned for my post on my Evening with The Great One coming soon.

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  1. They would never have womenfolk committing the sin of showing their cleavage doing commentary in the N.H.L like they did in the W.W.F. when Cassandra Peterson who thinks she is Elvira did that during a pay-per-view event like WrestleMania with Jesse Ventura. I sure that Monsoon and Hayes did commentary at that event.