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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

My Wild Hockey Life

Not mine though. I'm talking about that wild and crazy guy Georg Festrunk  Miroslav Frycer.
I recently had the opportunity to review Lubos Brabec's book on him.

"My Wild Hockey Life"

I'll have to admit that, even being a Leafs fan, I didn't know a lot about Frycer.  He defected, played for the Nordiques and traded to Toronto. After that, played in Detroit and Edmonton, then fell off  the face of the earth. This is not your usual story but one "wild" life, both on and off the ice. I highly recommend this for Leafs and hockey fans everywhere.

So, in return for my reviewing the book, I received this autographed copy. First time obtaining an autograph by this method and BONUS, it's a Leaf. 


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