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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Not quite IP autograph hounding

So, boys and girls, today we will see my recent not quite IP autograph experience.

The first if from July 1, 2019. Tennessee Titan's OL Austin Pasztor was holding his second football camp here in Brantford. My friend Dennis was able to obtain Austin's signature for me.


I didn;t realize this one was from March 29 2019. The Brantford Home Builders Association was holding it\s 32nd luncheon and the keynote speaker was Roberto Alomar. This was on a Friday at noon hour and I wasn't able to go. Enter Dennis. I let him know about this and discovered he didn't know about it. He was able to attend and got me this signed photo.

It's nice having someone in the city who collects autographs and can do the IP part for me.

The next opportunity here is on August 14th. Hockey Night in Brantford-Encore Game. I should be able to meet up with Dennis there and get my own. Hopefully I get some good stuff that I\ll be able to share here.

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